Here, we’ve compiled the list of best-selling gaming notebooks under 70K with a high-end graphics card, minimum 8GB RAM, and monstrous processor with a great clock rate.

If you’re planning to buy a gaming laptop to run graphics demanding games like GTA-V, go through the full details of Asus, MSI, Lenovo notebooks we’ve covered below.

Note: I haven’t added any MacBook to our list of the best gaming laptops under 70000 Rupees. Some upcoming games may need more than 4 GB of RAM to run flawlessly. MacBooks with 8 GB RAM have a price tag of above 80000 Rs. I don’t want you to invest your money in a system that you might think of replacing in the future.

4 Best laptops under 70000 Rupees for gaming

4Asus R510JX-DM230T

This 2.4 kg notebook comes with the latest Microsoft Windows 10 OS (64 bits version). It features an 8GB RAM and 5400 RPM HDD with 1 Terabytes data storage capacity. You can extend the system memory further up to 16GB.

This Asus gaming laptop has a four-cell battery, and it has around 200 minutes of backup power when the battery is charged up to 100 percent. Asus R510JX-DM230T laptop packs a sonic master sound card, 2 GB DDR3 dedicated memory for graphics, dual speakers, and a digital microphone.

This gaming laptop is incorporated with a high-definition web camera from Asus. It has a quad-core i7 Intel 2600 MHz 4th Generation processor and GeForce GT950M GPU. Asus R510JX features a full HD 15.6 inches anti-glare LED-backlit display and a chicklet keyboard. It is one of the best gaming laptops around 70000 Rupees.

Asus R510JX Price:Rs 65000amzn btnn
64000 Rupeesflipkart button

3Lenovo IP510

This beast from Lenovo handles Windows 10 64 bit operating system with a dual-core Intel Core i7 2.5 GHz 7th Generation (7000 series) processor. It features a turbo boost mode that shoots up the cycle rate of the CPU to a whopping 3.5 GHz/Sec.

Lenovo IP510 laptop comes with a GeForce 940M GPU fitted with a 2GB of dedicated video memory.

To make sure that all types of upcoming games and software are compatible with the IP510, Lenovo has added an 8 GB DDR4 RAM module to this device.This high-performance Lenovo gaming laptop is priced at Rs 68000, and it features two speakers enabled with the Dolby surround sound technology. The notebook includes wireless LAN module, 15.6 inches full HD display, and a backlit keyboard. It has a 2.39 kg weight.

Lenovo IP510 Price:70999 Rupeesamzn btnn

2HP 15-Au004TX

This HP gaming laptop features 8 GB high-speed DDR4 RAM and it provides a stylish keyboard. It has 4GB of dedicated graphics DDR3 video memory which is paired with a NVIDIA GTX940M GeForce series GPU for best gaming or video editing experience. This HP notebook has a pair of stereo speakers and a 65 WHr 4 cell battery along with an HD webcam.

HP Pavilion 15-Au004TX offers high-definition sound experience to its users. It stores around 250 minutes of backup power for non-stop gaming. This laptop includes a dual-core 6th Generation powerful 2400 megahertz Intel Core I7 4MB cache memory installed processor and 64 bits version of Microsoft Windows 10 OS.

HP 15-Au004TX comes with a DVD Writer and digital microphone. Because of its superb configuration, the Pavilion 15 is one of the best gaming laptops under 70000 Rs budget.

HP Pavilion 15-Au004TX Price:Rupees 67000Amazon

1Asus ROG GL552VX

The ROG GL552VX is a powerful gaming laptop and has the best configuration on our list. It has 4GB GDDR5 VRAM module and a monstrous GeForce GTX950M graphics processor.

This laptop from Asus carries a 6th Generation core i7 Intel processor and features 64-bit Windows 10 Microsoft operating system.

The Asus laptop provides a full HD anti-glare 15.6-inch display and has a Sonic Master sound hardware. It packs 8GB DDR4 RAM.

Excluding this ROG laptop, you won’t find a 6000+ RPM HDD installed Core i7 notebook for below 75000 Rs range. The best configuration you can get at a price tag of Rupees 70000 is an i7 laptop with 940M or AMD Tropo XT2 and 8GB RAM. The above three laptops provide this configuration. If you can increase your budget, this ROG series gaming laptop is for you.

Most notebooks with 6000+ RPM hard disks and core i7 processor may cost more than 75K. ROG GL552VX is the cheapest laptop with this configuration.

Asus GL552VX Price:Rupees 74990Amazon

If you want to buy a high-speed HDD equipped laptop, consider buying the MSI GL62 notebook that features a 7200 RPM HDD. Apart from the high-speed disk, GL62 ships with a free disk operating system. It has an enormous 8GB DDR4 RAM and an impressive Core i7 6th Gen 2600 MHz processor.

MSI GL62 offers NVIDIA GeForce 960M GPU with 2GB DDR5 VRAM. It packs 2 RAM slots and includes a full HD 15.6 inches NTSC display.

MSI GL62 Price:Within 77000amzn btnn


If you spend a lot of time in gaming and don’t want to buy an expensive laptop, build your gaming PC with the best graphics card, high clock speed RAM, solid state drive, and a high-resolution gaming monitor with good response time.


  1. Rivu Banerjee

    Can anyone tell me is 8gb ram ,4gb nvidia 940 graphics alongwith 1tb hdd good for gaming or not?
    My budget is within 65k…

  2. percy

    Can anyone tell about hp 113 tx as it comes with 16 GB ram ,2tb HD , 4 GB graphics 940 m geforce nvidia and at a price 62 k

  3. Aashish

    Hp pavilion 15-ab 522tx is good laptop for buying or not

  4. Bhavesh

    Any one can tell me if all these laptops can run gta5 plz??

    • raj

      Yes,Bro if a laptop has 4gb graphics it can run future games ,this Lenovo y50-70 meets with all requirements

  5. Smit Shah

    Add Dell i5 7548..

    68,000 Rs..A nice DDR3 4GB AMD graphic laptop..

  6. Milind

    Also check Asus ROG GL552JX-CN0009H.
    Its price is 70k

  7. Bijesh

    I don’t think the lenovo laptop is that good. The screen is poor for a laptop which costs almost 70k.