Samsung’s latest ten inches tablet, the Galaxy Tab E is the newest Android device to hit the markets. Well, Tab E hasn’t been launched worldwide. Taiwan is the only country where you can buy it. But this doesn’t mean that Samsung will not launch this tablet in other nations.

The Galaxy Tab E is priced at 225 US dollars (14000 Rs), and its features are worth paying attention to. It packs a 5000 mAh capacity battery that promises a very long battery life.

Tab E includes 1.5 GB RAM along with a TFT material based 9.6 inch IPS screen that sports 1280 x 800 pixels resolution. It has a four core processor and an unknown version of Android operating system.

Samsung’s strategy of employing 1.5 GB RAM in mobiles below 15K has worked for the company in the past. It might work out for the Galaxy Tab E as well.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

This Samsung device features WiFi, 720p HD cameras with 2.0 & 5.0 sensor. It supports USB OTG and microSD 120GB cards. Galaxy Tab E is expected to be launched with voice calling feature as well. Most tabs introduced in Galaxy series has flopped. Tab E might turn things around for Samsung.

Amazon, on the other hand, has come up with its newest eBook Reader named Kindle paper white. The latest Paperwhite has the highest resolution and pixel density among other Kindle series eBook readers. It also includes some advanced functions that ensure lesser strain on your eyes.

The Paperwhite has larger fonts, better character positioning, and an eye-friendly page layout. It is fitted with 6 inches display that has a crisp screen resolution.

Amazon paperwhite

Priced around 110$ or 7000 Rupees, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite supports 3G as well as Wi-Fi network connections. Both variants are easier to carry around as their weight is below 220 grams.

This cheap ebook reader is 9.1 mm thin. It supports Mobi, PDF, text and many other popular file formats. The Paperwhite has enough storage to hold several hundred eBooks. It offers free online storage memory of Amazon’s cloud platform.


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