If you’re a die-hard fan of mobile games like clash of clans, Asphalt Airborne or any other racing, adventure or FPS title available on the play store, you don’t need to buy the FHD phones like Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9. Just invest 150 dollars in the new Razer gaming product, the Forge TV. This device was unveiled by Razer at this CES 2015 event. Yesterday, it was officially listed on Amazon.com for 150$ (Rs 9000 price tag in Indian currency).

The Forge TV comes with Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor. This latest Qualcomm CPU that has been designed to support all types of upcoming high-definition Android apps. The clock rate of this chip is 2500 megahertz.

This console has a WiFi module and a gigabit Ethernet port. Thus, you can enjoy MMORPG and all other types of network based games. It is loaded with the best Google OS till date, the Android 5.0 lollipop. It has an Adreno 420 graphics processor, 16GB internal storage, HDMI port and 2GB RAM.

Razer Forge TV

The network performance and connectivity speed depend on the Service provider. So choose an ISP wisely. Anyways, Razer Forge TV supports up to 4 controllers at a time. Thus, you can connect this console to an HDTV and play your favorite game along with your family members.

The controller connects to the console through wireless Bluetooth. Razer has mentioned that it has used an award winning technology to make the controller perfect.

Razer Forge can stream live gaming action to any Android TV within its reach. The resolution and aspect ratio on the other device will be adjusted automatically. You can control this console through Android OS running mobile or tablet with Forge TV app.

This Razer gaming device requires DC input current. It includes USB 3.0 port. It has a 17 millimeters thickness. The configuration of Forge TV is not as powerful as Sony PS4 or Xbox One but it supports every game published on the play store.


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