MSI has introduced 3 new motherboards X99S Gaming 7, XPower AC and SLI Plus. Each of these peripherals costs around 250 dollars (15000 Indian Rupees) and they feature the latest X99 chipset from Intel.

This chip has been designed to take your computing experience to the next level. It supports overclocking and the latest rapid storage technology from Intel. X99 allows users to disable or enable the power supply to the USB port. As the chipset supports Intel core i7 processors, the MSI motherboards are fitted with an LGA2011-3 socket.

MSI Xpower AC

Users will have to mount their Haswell-E series CPU in this slot. These 3 devices can be installed with 8 DDR4 RAMs. The system memory department is based on the quad-channel architecture that ensures faster data transmission. MSI X99S Gaming 7, SLI plus and Gaming 7 motherboards have 10 SATA ports.

They feature M.2 PCI express interface. Built over smart response technology, these MSI devices come with 5 fan ports. They are packed with 12 USB slots. They have a 7.1 channel Realtek audio codec.

msi sli plus

They support AMD Crossfire and Nvidia SLI graphics rendering technologies. The motherboards feature 1 Ethernet, S/PDIF, and PS/2 slot. They support Windows 9, 8.1, 8, 7 and steamOS operating systems. They are based on MSI’s thermal design. This new technology from the company prevents overheating of the hardware components. The motherboards support CPU de-lidding. To make sure that your system has the latest drivers, users of these 3 devices will get a copy of MSI live software.

MSI X99S Gaming 7

When installed, this application periodically checks for outdated system drivers. If it finds one, live from MSI will update it automatically on the behalf of users. The motherboards specs include an OC engine, 802.11 hardware and military class 4 components.

Source: MSI


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