LG Bluetooth MiniBeam projector will be launched soon in Europe. This news has been confirmed by the company itself. This latest device from LG can be used for professional and entertainment purposes. It projects videos and pictures on any flat surface at 1280 x 800 pixels resolution.

MiniBeam can connect wirelessly with home theater systems, music player, and headsets through Bluetooth. It can easily display high-resolution images of size within 25 to 100 inches.

This device is fitted with light emitting diodes. It supports 100000:1 contrast ratio. It projects at an impressive brightness level of 700 ANSI lumens. Minibeam supports Miracast and WiDi screencasting technologies. Thus, it can be used to share media content.

LG Bluetooth MiniBeam portable projector

This device can connect with Bluetooth 3.0 module enabled entertainment systems. It can connect to USB and HDMI ports. It includes RBG, headphone, AV ports and has a 581 grams weight.

Minibean is 172 mm long, 49 millimeters thick and 4.7 inches wide. It packs with 2 stereo speakers that consume 1 watt of power. This latest portable projector from LG will be presented at this year’s IFA event.

Along with Bluetooth Minibeam, the LG has also unleashed its latesNFC-enabled HI-fi system – Music flow. This device can play 24 bit sound files at 192 KHz frequency. It can connect to phones and tablets loaded with LINE or music flow app.

This latest HiFi system can play music from popular internet services and radio stations. It is incorporated with LG’s HomeChat technology, hence music flow can accept commands from users remotely.

This device will be available in 30W and 70W speaker models for an undisclosed price.


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