Lenovo, at an event held in its home country China, has officially launched the P70 handset for 1400 CNY or 14000 Rs. P70 has also been introduced in Russia and UAE for the same price tag. The highlighting feature of this phone is its 4000 mAh capacity battery that supports quick mode charging technology.

According to Lenovo, this battery will deliver 240 minutes of Talktime when you charge it for just 900 seconds. P70’s battery gets charged up to 100% within 180 minutes and you can expect 1440 minutes Talktime with it.

The phone features a powerful true octa-core 1.4 GHz 64 bit CPU from Mediatek. It has the recently introduced Mali T760 GPU of 760 MHz clock speed. Powerful processors and GPU’s whose all cores work simultaneously can drain power from battery completely immediately after few hours of a gaming session or heavy Internet usage. Thus, Lenovo P70’s standby and talk-time are excellent.

Lenovo P70 LTE smartphone price

Lenovo P70 supports wide-angle views up to 180 degrees with its high-definition 5 inch IPS display. It comes with an inbuilt speaker, full HD 13.0 MP rear camera and a music app.

This handset can run multi-touch games and it supports 4G-LTE high-speed network connectivity. When it is powered on, Lenovo P70 loads Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS. This phone supports Internet sharing with Wi-Fi or USB enabled computing devices. It has 5.0 megapixels FHD front camera.

Lenovo P70 is preloaded with security app with which you can detect and remove viruses, Trojans, and other malicious programs. It offers 16GB inbuilt storage memory. Users also have an option of installing 32GB MicroSD in P70.

This Lenovo LTE phone can read 2 SIM cards at a time. It has 148.9 grams weight. You can buy this handset in midnight blue color option in China, UAE, and Russia. Lenovo has not yet shared the availability details of this handset in other countries but it has announced that P70 will be sold with 1GB RAM module too.


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