Android set-top boxes are cool gadgets. They support WiFi, Ethernet, and USB connectivity. Hence, users can attach a mouse or keyboard to them. These devices let users run their favorite apps, watch movies, browse the internet and play all types of HD games. They can be purchased online for a budget price within 90 – 200 dollars.

The latest set-top box to hit the markets is Freakbox. This device has been scheduled to be launched in the next month for a price around 100 dollars (6000 INR).

Freakbox is fitted with a Cortex A9 architecture based quad-core processor from Rockchip. The Mali 400 GPU installed within its body clocks at 500 MHz speed, and it supports apps built on OpenGL and OpenVG technologies.

FreakBox Android kit kat set-top box under 100 dollars

For connecting to an HDTV, this set-top box has an HDMI and an S/PDIF port. This device supports WiFi connectivity through an external antenna. It includes multiple USB and 1 RJ45 LAN, MicroSD ports. Freakbox supports DLNA and Bluetooth technologies. It has a 8 GB storage and 2GB of SDRAM system memory.

This device can run several popular Android apps and games from the Google play store. It is compatible with various types of mouse, keyboards, and remote controls. When used, Freakbox consumes just 4 watts of power. As it features an H.264 encoder, this device can play videos of full-HD resolution without any lags.

This Android set-top box will face a stiff competition from the likes of Apple TV, Roku, and the upcoming Google TV. Priced around 100 to 120 dollars, Apple TV has a single core processor, HDMI port, IR receiver, WiFi, USB port and Bluetooth. It supports 1080p videos.

Roku carries a price tag within 80 to 150 dollars. It can be used to watch more than 1000 TV channels. Roku lets you play videos and movies from services like Hulu plus and Netflix.

key features of Freakbox:

  • S/PDIF, HDMI, USB, MicroSD and Ethernet ports.
  • DLNA, 720p, 1080p, WiFi support.
  • Android Kit Kat OS (version 4.4.2).
  • Impressive memory configuration.

Price: Within 99 to 105 dollars.


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