Acer has today strengthened its Chrome OS line of laptops by officially launching C910 and C740 Chromebooks. According to Acer’s spokesperson, these two new Chromebooks have been designed for college and university students. They are durable and suitable for the college environment.

C740 and C910 will be useful for the students in many different ways. With these latest laptops, students will be able to complete their assignments in a smart way, thanks to powerful multi-tasking and networking features of the Chrome OS.

Acer C910 has better features than C740, and it is priced at 300$. C740 is stuffed with some decent hardware, and it will cost users around 260 dollars. Both these machines would be first sold in the United States.

When it comes to specifications, C910 is installed with a 19.6 inch LCD. It has a very sharp screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The pixel density of the LCD is expected to be over 400.

C910 will be offered with the latest generation of Intel Core I or Celeron series processor. Thus, at its price tag of 300$, C910 Chromebook can be considered as a very good deal for students.

This machine will offer an impressive 480 hours of battery backup. It will come pre-installed with a 4GB volume of system memory. It offers 16 or 8GB of storage space on an SSD.

Acer C910 Chromebook price in India

The Cheap budget Chromebook C740 has a high-definition 11.6 inches screen. It features a 4 or 2GB of RAM module paired with an SSD of 16GB storage capacity. This laptop below 15K will be sold with the same CPUs as Acer C910. As its display is a bit smaller than C910, C740 offers a better battery backup power of 540 hours.

Acer C740 budget Chromebook with Intel Processor

Above 2 Chromebooks support networking with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB cables. They come with a slot for mounting microSD cards. They also feature HDMI port for the users who want to connect their laptop to TV.

Acer C740 and C910 are good alternatives to budget Windows laptops in HP stream and Asus EeeBook series.


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