Car maker Dodge has been busy in testing its upcoming sedan – the Charger Hellcat 2015. It has recently uploaded a video on youtube that proves that that Hellcat’s highway speed can reach up to 328 kilometers per hour. Dodge tested its upcoming sedan on a 12-kilometer circuit in normal wind conditions.

It has not shared the details on how much seconds the Hellcat took to reach 60 KMPH speed. Thus, if you’re planning to buy this beast, this is good news for you. Charger Hellcat is faster than Audi A4 and all Mercedes-Benz cars in the same price range. Thus, it is a good deal for its price tag of below 70K dollars.

This 65000$ sedan is being still tested by Dodge motors and it is expected to be launched very soon in UAE, Canada and other countries where this car manufacturer has its presence.

Dodge Charger Hellcat 2015 price, specs and mileage

Talking about the features, the Dodge Charger Hellcat 2015 is a powerful sedan that comes with a 705 HP Hemi engine. It features an eight-speed automatic transmission system.

This car will give a decent on road mileage of 9.3 kilometers per liter. Its engine generates a 620+ lb-ft torque. Hellcat supports connectivity with iPhone or Android device. It supports WiFi hot-spotting. It can process the driver’s voice commands.

Dodge claims that its Charger Hellcat 2015 sedan offers more than 80 security features to make sure that the passengers don’t suffer serious injury when the car meets with an accident. Hellcat, just like most other sedans in the same price range (250000 to 4000000 Rs) comes with an automatic temperature control system. It offers premium and stylish interiors and LED lighting system.

Dodge will sell HellCat in 4 or 5 different options. What do you think about this beautiful sedan? Please share your thoughts! [image source: Dodge]


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