Dell has upgraded the hardware in its Alienware Area 51 series of desktops. This update was announced immediately after Intel unleashed its latest Haswell-E Core i7 5960X processor. This new quad-core CPU from Intel has a whopping 20 megabytes of level 3 cache memory.

The desktop consumes just 135 watts of power. 5960X supports systems with DDR4 memory architecture. It features Intel’s X99 processor and turbo boost mode. This new processor from Intel has a 3500 MHz clock speed. It costs under 1000 dollars (below 60000 in India). The motherboard of this desktop is installed with the Core I7-5960X CPU.

This desktop’s cabinet has been shaped like a hexagon. This gaming PC is fitted with more than 2 graphics card. Its system memory can be extended up to 32 gigabytes. Dell Alienware Area 51 has 1+ terabyte of storage space.

dell alienware area 51 gaming pc

This gaming rig is incorporated with a Blu-ray optical drive, SD card reader and 3+ USB ports. It can play sounds in HD quality. As this device features multiple GPUs, it is expected to have 4+ GB of dedicated graphics memory. Thus, it is supports gaming at 4k resolutions.

Along with this desktop, dell has also unveiled its latest Ultrasharp U3415W monitor. This 34 inches device is curved shaped. It supports screen resolutions up to 3440 x 1440 pixels and 21:9 aspect ratio. U3415W has 2 x 9 watts speakers built-in. It features an HDMI and a display port.

dell ultrasharp u3415d monitor

The above 2 new products from Dell will go on sale from October 2014 onward. The company hasn’t disclosed the price of its latest gaming PC and Ultrasharp U3415 UHD monitor yet.


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