Acer would be soon launching its E-5-571 core i5 laptop in India for a price starting at Rupees 45000. Thus, it has become the 1st computer manufacturer to introduce the latest Intel processor powered notebook in the country.

This new laptop comes with Intel U series of Core i5 dual core 14 nanometer 2.20 GHz processor. The CPU is based on Intel hyper-threading technology and it offers better graphic, application performance than dual-core processors from other manufacturers.

According to the chief marketing officer of Acer, the new I5 processor is power efficient and it supports latest software technologies like face and voice recognition. Thus, you can use this laptop to work with very complex software without worrying about battery backup.

The CPU is not the only latest hardware in this Acer laptop. Acer E5-571 has been stuffed with Nvidia GeForce 800M GPU. This GPU was introduced in March last year. Just like the Core I5, GeForce 800M is energy efficient as it saves the laptop power with Nvidia battery boost technology.

Acer E5-571 core i5 laptop

The E5-571 laptop from Acer offers 1 terabyte of data storage memory. It comes with Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system. This device supports 12GB RAM and it offers 420 hours of computing on a single 100% battery charge. It has 15.6 inches high-definition display (1366 x 768 pixels resolution) and Intel 5500 HD graphics chipset.

The laptop comes with skype – the video calling and chatting software built over VoIP technology. It features MS office too. It will be sold in blue, black, red, silver and brown color options.

Acer E5-571 is not the only notebook in the E5 series. Acer has launched this laptop with the same memory, display configuration with AMD, Core i3 processor and AMD Radeon series GPU. For more details on the E5 line of laptops, please visit Acer’s official website.


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