HP has launched its newest gaming laptop Omen 15 in the US for 1500 dollars. This machine packs with beats audio sound system and two stereo speakers at the front. It features a capacitive full high-definition 15.6 inches touchscreen IPS display. Omen features some very high-quality computing hardware.

This HP gaming laptop comes with Core i7 Intel 4700 series processor enabled with hyper threading technology and turbo boost mode. The CPU has 5.9 MB cache memory and it ticks at an average 2.5 GHz/s. It is based on quad-core architecture. When turbo boost is enabled, the clock rate increases up to 3.5 GHz.

HP Omen 15 is a powerful gaming machine that can easily run games like GTA-V at the highest settings. The laptop includes a DDR3 8GB RAM with a 1600 MHz refresh rate.

HP Omen 15 price in India

There’s an empty memory slot for users wants to add another 8GB of RAM to this laptop. Open 15 is loaded with Microsoft v8.1 Windows OS. It features mSATA 512, 128 or 256 GB HP SSD to boost the load time of HD games.

HP has added a 960M NVIDIA GPU with 4GB of DDR5 video RAM to the Omen 15. The VRAM is expandable up to 8GB (You’ll have to upgrade the GPU for the same).

Omen is fitted with a gigabit Ethernet module, USB ports, Intel Miracast device, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity hardware. The laptop is configured with some smart controls. When user taps on the trackpad, he can easily

  • Change the color of the keyboards lighting.
  • Customize the gaming profile.

Omen 15 weighs 2.12 Kg and it is 382 mm wide. It is listed on HP store for around $1500 (90500 in India). It is one of the top competitors to FHD version of Lenovo Y50 gaming notebook.


    • raj

      bro there r better laptops on olx in india..just type gaming laptop

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        bro u know nothing abt ddr5 gtx 860m ^^ so stfu


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