To help athletes train better, a startup company called as scribe labs have invented a new running gadget. This device is unique and interesting. Labeled as RunScribe, this gadget features a kinematic sensor and a Bluetooth.

The sensor tracks every movement of an athlete. To see it live in action, users must attach this device to the back of their shoes via an adhesive or a frame. This gadget records metrics like stride length, rate, steps, contact time, distance, date, etc.

These details are saved to its inbuilt storage. When users want to have a look at their performance, they’ll have to sync the recorded data with a RunsSribe app installed Android or IOS operating system loaded mobiles or tablets. The app is powerful. It generates day, week and month-wise reports from the synced data.

runScribe - a smart new running gadget for athletes and trainers

This software also calculates the runScore of a sportsperson for a particular day. Thus, Athletes can focus on improving the generated value by working on the metrics reflected in the reports.

This wearable device gets current through a CR2032 battery. Its design is based on the IPS7 standard Hence, RunScribe is water-resistant.

The produced data can be downloaded by the users in CSV or XML formats. This gadget weighs within 14 – 15 grams. It is 35 millimeters long and 5 mm thick.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth, Kinematic sensor, and a flash storage.
  • Supports CR2032 removable battery.
  • Can work in waters of 1 meters depth.
  • Connects with IOS and Android tablets and phones.
  • Generates several reports.
  • Calculates performance indicator value named runscore.
  • API for downloading data.
  • Compact design.
  • Extremely light.

RunScribe project has been presented on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. It has collected over 70000 dollars in funds. This gadget for athletes and trainers will be launched by the end of this year. It will cost your around 100 dollars.


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