If your PC behaves in an abnormal way, then it might be infected with a Trojan. Before the computer stops working, you should remove all malicious programs from the hard drive. This can be done in three different ways. In the 1st method, you should re-install MAC or Windows 7, 8.1 or 8 OS. If users have saved important data to the same partition where the operating system resides, they should backup their files. This procedure is time-consuming.

The 2nd way is to remove Trojan horse manually. To do this, users must keep an eye on all running processes in the task manager. If any unknown virus activity is discovered, it should be deleted immediately. This can be done by searching for .exe executable file of the virus. The last method is to download and install the best free trojan remover. This application will scan every file on your computer. It will automatically remove all infected files from the system.

Eset Smart security: This trojan removal tool is free to download. It can run on all versions of Windows OS. When this program has been installed, users must reboot their PC. Eset will remove all virus, worm and malware files it detects. This antivirus has a log viewer, scheduler, and a firewall. It requires just 65 to 80 megabytes of space on storage drives.

eset - Best free trojan remover antivirus tools for Windows PC 2014

Bitdefender: This free antivirus protects your computer and laptop from all sorts of remote attacks. It comes with a sophisticated real-time Trojan and virus scanner. It can track malicious codes in HTTP requests and responses. When you’re running game, Bitdefender automatically frees up the system memory it occupies.

AVG: It is one of the best Trojan virus removal tool. It has over 150 million users. AVG can protect your privacy on various social networks. It allows you to get rid of tracking cookies.


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