Best online offline alternatives to photoshop

Photoshop is a very well known and probably the best image editing application. To start using this software, you’ll need to activate its trial version or you’ve to pay hundreds of dollars to purchase its license.

If you’re a part of small business or start-up or you want to use Photoshop for domestic purposes, due to budget constraints you may back off from purchasing it and you’ll look for its cheaper or free alternatives. To help you out in this cause, we have shortlisted the best free online and offline alternatives to Photoshop for 2014. Here’s the list:Best online offline alternatives to photoshop 2014

  • Paint.NET:- If you’re looking for the best offline Photoshop alternative then you should give a try to Pain.NET. This software has all the necessary features that you’d require to edit images. It allows you to manipulate layers, apply varieties of special effects. It supports almost all popular image formats that includes JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP,…etc.
  • Snipshot:- An online alternative to photoshop, Snipshot provides its user advanced controls and features to edit, view images. This utility doesn’t require you to install any plug-in on your browser. It can be used to work with PNG, RAW, PDF, JPG,..etc file formats. When your editing or color adjustment task is over, you can save the image to your hard drive or you upload it to Flickr.
  • GIMP:-GIMP is an abbreviation for GNU image Manipulation Program. This application was basically developed for Linux platform. This free Windows software includes every basic feature that Photoshop has.
  • Picknik:- This utility has state of the art features that can be accessed through its easy to use interfaces. It has a lot of special effects, fonts, shapes and utilities for the user.
  • Phoenix:- A very powerful online image Editing Application, Phoenix allows you to create 3D models, Vector Graphics. It can be used to re-size images, simulate painting, generate terrain, adjust Brightness, remove red-eyes, mask images. All you need to do is to register an account with the site and login to access its interfaces.
  • Inkscape:-This powerful offline Photoshop alternative has tools to create shapes, crop, rotate, clip and mask a photo. It allows user to create grids, swatches. It has filters too. Inkscape can be used to edit XML and text files as well.
  • Pixlr:- Pixlr allows you to create layers and masks. It supports features like red eye reduction, lasso tool, gradients, cropping, rotation, custom brushes. Like above utilities, Pixlr comes with useful filters.
Note:-To know full features of the application, kindly visit the developer’s website.
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    I have used pixlr and its just amazing tool by which we can edit our picture online. Thanks for your this awesome post. keep writing such great content.

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