People who forget things would jot down the important tasks on a piece of paper and attach it to the PC or the work desk. The co-workers might think that the person who sticks notes on desks is suffering from STML. A good way of remembering things without revealing your weaknesses is using an offline notes management tool.

Many people use Google Keep and Microsoft OneNote as a note taking programs. Both OneNote and GKeep require the internet connection to work. OneNote users must sign into their Microsoft account (Outlook) to start using it. Google Keep will run as a standalone application only if you install the Google Chrome browser.

A good alternative to both these programs is Stickies, a free Windows tool from Zhorn Software.

Stickies installer (download link) will ask you to install the program for every user of the PC or just for you. If you want the notes to be private, select the second option, else choose the first. The installer will display the option to run Stickies application or open the self-help file once the installation is complete.

zhorn stickies notes app edit notes

Once the program is installed, click on the Stickies application’s icon on the Windows taskbar and select create note option from the context menu to add a sticky note to the desktop. Now enter the message in the blank note which appears on the desktop. Stickies will automatically save the text you’ve entered in the note. Users are allowed to change the folder where the data in their notes should be saved.

There’s no limitation on the number of paragraphs your sticky note should have. The width and height of a note depend on the text content entered by the user.

Your notes can have the data copied to the Windows Clipboard or complete/partial desktop screenshot. The program supports text formatting i.e. you can quickly change the style, color of the font. It has a function to create complex notes with bulleted, numbered or lettered list.

The users of this program can add hyperlinks in the sticky notes. In case you want Stickies to remind you of a sale, shopping festival or an online show, embed the website’s URL in your note.

stickies dashbord

The sticky notes generated by this application can be configured to popup on the desktop at user specified time. You can set a repeating alarm as well.

The Free Stickies program gives you the access to the dashboard where you can manage all your notes. The dashboard has a calendar utility with which you can check all the notes that were created on a particular date.

Notes can be hidden or placed at any position on the desktop. The users can change their background color as well.

Download Stickies sticky notes app calendar

Stickies for Windows comes with a settings window where you can configure its general, appearance, network, email, alert. Hotkey, encryption and advanced settings. It is a lightweight application that requires less than 3 megabytes of installation space. Stickies 9.0b doesn’t have advertisements.

Compatibility: The program runs on Windows 7, XP Service Pack 1, Vista, 10, 8 and 8.1 operating system.


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