Ola Cabs was incorporated in 2010. The company is six years old but it is yet to break even. Ola’s revenue is expected to hit 450 crores by February or March 2017, but its losses are still widening. Uber began its operations in India in 2013. Within 3 years, its revenue has soared up to 375 crores. By the end of 2016, Uber has emerged as one of the top three taxi companies in India.

Uber has quit the Chinese markets and considers India as one of its major markets. Ola operates in many Indian cities. Its rival i.e. Uber is in the process of narrowing the gap.

Let’s find out which taxi company provides a better experience to the users and has lowest fares in the markets.
taxi ola vs uber app fares comparison

Ola vs Uber App Size

Ola App APK size is 20.9 megabytes. Uber app’s APK is 29 megabytes large. Below are the download links:

Download Ola for Android or iPhone.

Download Uber for iPhone or Android.

Features introduction

Before you register an account and begin using the Ola app, users can go through the various features the app provides to the users by swiping through the slides displayed at the top of the register and login buttons.

Uber users must register their account and use the app for a while to learn about its features.

Account registration

Ola and Uber taxi apps don’t let users sign into the app with their Google, twitter, or facebook account.

Creating an account with Uber is easier as compared to Ola.

While registering, Uber app asks you to enter your phone number. Once you enter the number, the app sends you a verification code. You must verify your number. Once you do so, Uber prompts you to enter your name. That’s it!

While creating an account with the Ola Cabs app, you must enter the name, password, email address, and the phone number.

Uber vs Ola: Ease of booking a cab

Once you’re Uber or Ola account is set up, you can log into the app to book a ride.

If you’ve enabled GPS on your mobile device, the two apps will automatically identify your location.

If the apps are unable to spot you, enter the pin code for your area.

Once the app locates your area on the map, enter the destination address.

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Fares comparison

Uber and Ola tariff may differ from place to place.

Fares in Ola app depends on the type of vehicle you choose. Ola Cabs allow users to book various types of vehicles. The smaller the vehicle is the lower are the tariffs per kilometer.

The estimated tariff for driving to the railway station from my place in a cab booked with Uber app is Rs 74 to 88.

The estimated tariff for the same source and destination with Ola Cabs app is Rs 107 to 118.

Payment options

Uber app allows users to make payment in cash. They can also link their PayTM account or debit/credit card for faster payment.

Ola Cabs app is integrated with Ola Money. Users can add cash to their Ola money wallet account and use the wallet module to pay for their rides.

Fee rides

To enjoy free rides with Uber or Ola, users must share the special referral code provided by the apps with their friends. Users will earn Rs 50 for each lead they generate.

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Booking history and pre-booking

Both apps allow users to go through their ride booking history. This is a handy feature with which you can keep track of your traveling expenses, compare fares, etc.

Ola and Uber enable users to schedule a ride.

Conclusion: If you’re in a hurry or don’t want to travel in the overcrowded bus, or you’re not able to find a taxi or an auto-rickshaw nearby, the two apps can come in handy.

Uber and Ola enable you to find and book a cab within few minutes. Once you book a ride, the taxi will pick you up within 10 minutes.

The apps make you aware of the real-time location of the driver. You can get the fare details beforehand. Hence, you don’t to have to argue with the driver.

When it comes to fares, traveling in an Uber cab seems to be cheaper than driving in an Ola car.

Taxi image via Pixabay


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