PayTM is one of the best wallet apps in India. With this free application, you can pay your phone, electricity, gas, water, landline bills, and more. PayTM lets users pay insurance premium online and allows them to transfer or send money in real time.

The application’s popularity soared after the demonetization of 1000 and 500 Rupees notes. PayTM was a must-have app before the Government introduced BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money).

In case you didn’t like BHIM or your bank doesn’t support BHIM, consider using the PayTM application to transfer or receive money for free.

How to use PayTM?

PayTM mobile app is available for download on the Google Play Store, iTunes, and Windows mobile.

The application is small and it supports 2G, 3G, or 4G-LTE enabled mobile phone. You can use the app on a WiFi only device e.g. tablet PC.

PayTM Account registration

Registering a new account is easy with the PayTM app. To do so, run the app on your mobile. If your phone has GPS, PayTM will seek your permission to detect the location. Grant the required permission to the app. Now, select your preferred language. The application supports the following languages:

  • English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu.
  • Bangla, Kannada, Gujarati.
  • Marathi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Odiya.

After choosing the language, tap on the continue button.

After completing the above step, you’ll see the main interface of the PayTM app.

Tap on login and select the sign-up option. Now, enter your mobile number, email address, and the password. You can also login to the PayTM app with your Facebook or Google Plus account.

Once the app registers your account, log into the app.

how to use paym app on mobile safely

How to use PayTM to send money?

To add money, tap on a home button and select Add Money option. Now, enter the amount and select the payment method.

The PayTM app enables users to add money to their digital wallet via net banking, credit or debit card.

Once your digital wallet balance is non-zero, you can send money quickly. Adding money to the wallet is optional.

Using PayTM to receive money

PayTM app can generate a QR code through which you can receive payments. To see the QR for your account, tap on the matrix icon that appears in the top right corner.

Use your phone’s screenshot tool to capture the QR code into an image. Transfer the image to your PC or pair your mobile phone with a wireless printer to print the QR.

If you are using PayTM for business, stick the printed QR code on the desk or counter and ask customers to scan the QR to make payment.

Apart from the QR code, PayTM allows users to send or transfer money if they have the payee’s phone number. This method to receive money is easier.

Note: Wallet users can transfer up to 5000 INR at a time and transfer up to 20000 INR to their bank account in a given month. For direct bank transfers, the daily and monthly receiving limit is 20000 and 50000 Rupees.

PayTM support and issues

If you’ve encountered any problem while using PayTM or if money hasn’t been transferred or received by you or payee, you can seek help from the customer support team.

The best and fastest way to get your problem fixed is by contacting the support team. To do so, dial 9643 979797. You can also post your query on the PayTM facebook page.

Is PayTM safe

PayTM is one of the safest apps on the Play Store. India’s top banks have approved and recommended the application to their customers.

The website and app use HTTPS encryption and support OTP.

In the recent update, PayTM was integrated with UPI, For those who aren’t aware, UPI is one of the safest methods to transfer money.

PayTM is a safe app, but your phone may not be safe. Go through the list of apps you’ve installed on your mobile and remove suspicious ones.

Use an advanced mobile phone browser such as Google Chrome that alerts users when they come across a deceptive website.

You should also consider using an antivirus app and avoid using PayTM on public WiFi hotspot.

Conclusion: PayTM is easy to use application. Once you use it for an hour, you should be ready to receive or send cash online or offline.


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