Earlier this year, Apple had opened the doors for the third party keyboard apps for the iPhone and Google immediately published the GBoard app on the iTunes.

Well, the GBoard app is not exclusive to the iTunes anymore. It is now available for download on the Google Play Store. Google has replaced the old keyboard app with GBoard. If you’re using the stock Android keyboard app provided by Google, you should see an update for the application.

GBoard is the probably the most advanced keyboard app for Android. It has several cool features. More importantly, it comes integrated with the Google search engine.

GBoard offers several customization options. You can enable or disable individual features by visiting the settings section of the free GBoard app.

GBoard keyboard app for Android

Below are the various cool features that GBoard offers to its users.

Integrated with Google search

GBoard is the only keyboard that allows users to search on Google from its interface.

To use the search feature, tap on the G icon and enter your search query.

Instead of showing 10 results, Google picks up the first result from the search results and shows it to the user.

If the user taps on the result, GBoard copies the result into the text box displayed by an app.

This feature enables users to share cool stuff they find on Google with others.


The GBoard app packs 15+ attractive color themes. It packs different light and dark themes. To change the theme, open tap G icon and then tap on the palette icon.

Languages support

GBoard app comes with support for 100+ languages which means that you can type in any language of your choice. The app enables you to type in up to 3 languages at a time.

Emoji search function

GBoard functions as a powerful tool to search and use different types of emojis. To find a smiley, tap on the smiley button and enter the name of emoji you want to use in the search box.

Along with Emojis, Gboard lets you find and send GIFs to friends.


If you’ve mastered the art of typing without looking at the keyboard, you should switch to the QWERTY layout which arranges the keys on the keyboard app to resemble a physical keyboard.

Glide typing

Entering words manually can be a painstaking task for the user. GBoard provides an alternate way to enter words. Users must slide their fingers on the keys. The keyboard app will build words from characters your fingers touch and it will display the same at the top of the keyboard.

Users will find the following toggle options in the settings panel:

  • Share usage statistics and snippets (search queries) with Google.
  • Show or hide the app icon in the launcher app.
  • Enable or disable predictive search.
  • Hide or disable the G button that appears at the top of the GBoard app.
  • Manage dictionaries.
  • Automatically sync words Google has learned you frequently type.
  • Turn on or off the glide typing feature.
  • Show general trails for the glide typing.
  • Enable or disable the gesture delete function.
  • Turn off or on the gesture cursor control module.
  • Manage word suggestions i.e. show/hide offensive words, contact names, auto-correct misspelled words, etc.
  • Show emoji switch, voice to text control, keys.
  • Vibrate or popup on keypress.
  • And more.

How to install GBoard on Android?

If you’re using the old Google keyboard app, head over to the Play Store app where you’ll an option to update the application.

If you have installed SwiftKey or any other keyboard app on your tablet or phone, visit Google Play Store to get the GBoard app.


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