Firefox Test pilot is a website that makes you aware of the upcoming features of Firefox. It also lets users try out the features before they are officially released. The website was launched this year by Mozilla Foundation.

What does the Firefox Test Pilot does?

The FF TP website displays a list of upcoming features and an option to enable/disable them. To test the feature, click the green colored button. FF will now install the plugin. Restart the browser. That’s it!

The website contains the following links:

Tour: When you click this link, FF TP will display a small overlay slideshow which explains what new things the new feature will provide to the users.

Changelog: Even when the feature is in the development stage, Mozilla allows you to go through its changelog. You can go through this page to learn whether the bugs that you/other users have found have been fixed or not.

Bug reports: If you find any error while trying the feature, you can report to Mozilla by clicking the Bug Reports option. When you do so, the browser will open Github issue reporting page.

Authors: The Firefox Labs displays the list of developers who are working on the feature you’re planning to test.

Opt-in form: Enter your email address in the opt-in form and click the submit button if you want to be one of the first users to know the upcoming features of Firefox.

Apart from the above links, the Firefox Test Pilot website features links to download the Firefox Nightly, Beta and the developer Editions. These links are present in the footer area of the website.

Firefox Test Pilot

According to Firefox Test Pilot, Firefox will offer the following features in the future:

Price wise: This new feature will allow you to keep a track of products you’re looking forward to buying.

Email Tabs: With this new module of FF, users can create emails from the page you’ve opened in a tab/tabs

Lockbox: This app will be available for download on iTunes soon. It will allow users to save passwords safely.

Notes: If you’re using Firefox on mobile, you can use this feature to sync snippets of texts from PC to the mobile device.

Color: Want to create a Firefox theme but don’t know how to get started with it? Well, this upcoming feature will allow users to design their own color theme.

SideView: When you enable SideView, Firefox will display two tabs side by side.

Send: This function is similar to Dropbox/Google Drive share feature. Send enables you to share files with a special link.

Conclusion: If you’re using Firefox and you’re interested in fixing errors or you’re keen to know the upcoming features of your favorite browser, bookmark FF Test Pilot.


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