A person who has to work on the computer for more than 5 hours a day will suffer from eye related problems. Most of the ophthalmologists will recommend PC users to follow the below tips to keep their eyesight healthy and sharp.

Increase font size: Not a rocket science. One can easily increase the text content’s size from the system settings in Windows. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera has a function to change text size.

Take breaks: Don’t sit in front of the computer for the whole day. Take short intervals every hour and observe objects at distant locations.

Screen Brightness and color intensity: Don’t keep the laptop’s or computer’s brightness level too high. Try out the EyePro software for Window to reduce the color depth.

The EyePro program has been introduced by the developers of the popular EyePro-blue light filter Android application.

EyePro, in my perspective, is the best Flux alternative. It is a straightforward and intelligent application that filters blue light to reduce eye fatigue and strain. It will run in the background continuously to check the day and time to adjust colors. Unlike F.Flux for Windows, users don’t have to specify a timezone or location for the program to work.

Computers and laptops don’t have light sensors so don’t expect the desktop version of EyePro to have the same features as found in its Android version.

 EyePro eye strain reducer software for Windows Flux Alternative

EyePro for Windows has a Smart Mode feature. When this feature is enabled, the program will automatically reduce the blue light intensity as per the system time.

Adjust filter is yet another option that you’ll find on the interface of EyePro. You can adjust this filter by dragging the slider to the left or the right side. The smart mode feature will be disabled when you change the slider’s default value.

EyePro can be configured to start when Windows boots to the desktop. Select the automatic start option to use this feature.

EyePro for Windows adds a floating gadget to the desktop so that the user can quickly change the blue light intensity without opening the application. The desktop gadget will not distract you. You can disable it by selecting the “hide buoy” option on the main Window of EyePro.

This program has a fatigue reminder function which will periodically remind you to give your eyes a break from the computer.

Along with the functions mentioned above, the program’s main interface boats two QR codes to download Android version of EyePro or visit the official website of the developer.

Unlike Flux, this application doesn’t have complicated settings. The program takes 2 to 3 megabytes of RAM when it is active. It doesn’t have advertisements. You can download it from CNET website.

EyePro is a good software to reduce eyestrain when you’re using the computer playing games for long hours. Have you tried it out?


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