Wordfence vs Better WP Security – the Best WP Security Plugins

So, I’m yet another blogger who has joined the WordPress club. I migrated from the free blogger platform to the self hosted WordPress platform and i’m quite happy with it. The reason for my happiness is that WordPress saves my time by its well developed interfaces and high quality plugins (unfortunately blogger platform lacks them) that makes my tasks easier.

Anyways, WordPresss security plugins ensure that your blog/WP website is safe from all possible attacks that can harm or take away your precious website from you. If your browse over the internet for WP security tips then you won’t be surprised to read blog posts which suggests you to install either WP better security or Wordfence plugins on your blog.

You’ll also find blog posts suggesting you to add some security rules to the busiest file in your websites root directory- the htaccess. For webmasters having very little or no technical knowledge on htaccess /mod rewrite rules, its always good to go for the easiest way to secure your site. Thus, in the context of WordPress, it can’t be much easier than installing Better WP security or Wordfence plugin. But the problem is that you don’t know which is the best security plugin.

Having used these 2 plugins, i know that these 2 plugins share similar set of features and there are some differences between them. My today’s post would highlight these differences + similarities between Wordfence and Better WP security. This comparison would help you to choose and download the best WordPress security plugin for your site…

Wordfence WordPress security plugin
Wordfence review

  • Live Traffic:-¬†This module shows all hits to the blog in a real time (Hits by Crawlers, Visitors….etc).
  • Humans:-This module shows all human traffic (direct, referral or organic traffic).
  • Pages Not Found:- This module shows the errors encountered by the visitors/search engines when they attempted to visit a particular page.This is the most important module of the Wordfence WordPress security plugin as it shows the data in real time. You should check this tab often to find out the pages that caused 404 errors on an attempt to visit the page by the visitor or a Crawler.If you have dropped the page /post from your blog…then make sure that you remove the URL too from the search index of Google/Bing or if you have renamed the page…make sure that is redirected (with HTTP status 301) to the updated URL. After migrating from blogger to WordPress platform i came to know some very important SEO concepts, which i applied it on my blog. Some updates resulted in a lot of 404 errors which i came to know in real time through this module…. so, don’t you think this WordPress security plugin is useful?
  • Login and Logouts:-This is a very important module as it shows the login attempts by the any user, if you find a visitor trying to enter into your WordPress account (as an attempt to take over your website ), you can block him/her easily through the block IP’s module of the Wordfence Security system.If you have already installed this plugin, then you should keep an eye on this tab.
  • Top 404’s:-This is one of the most important module as it shows all the top 404 error encountered by a bots/users when they tried to access a page.
  • Country Blocking:-Available in the premium version, this module can be used to block traffic from a specific country.
  • Login Limiter:- This module of Wordfence makes sure that no one is able exceed the number of login tries you’ve set. If any one reaches the number of login tries you’ve set, he /she will be automatically banned from accessing the login page, This is the most important feature of this plugin as it prevents brute force attacks.
  • File checks:- Wordfence has the capability to detect and remove any malicous code inserted into your theme files. You can either schedule theme file scans or manually run the Wordfence file scanner.

 Click here to install Wordfence.

Better WP Security review

Along with the login limiter, 404 error detection and file scans, better WP security plugin comes with the below set of features:-

htacess, wp-config security:-This plugin has the ability to make these 2 files read only.

Change DB prefix:- This module would add a prefix to your WordPress DB tables. If you change DB prefix of your wordpress database tables, SQL injection attacks would be difficult to execute as the hacker/intruder won’t have the actual name of your DB tables.

Backups:- Betterr WP Security plugin has inbuilt backup module which can be used to create or schedule database backups.Tus with WP- Better security installed on your site, you don’t need to install any other backup plugin.

Hide backed:- With this feature, you can hide wp-login and wp-admin modules from strangers.

+ lot more interesting and important features.

Click here to install better wp security.

Wordfence vs Better WP Security

From the above features of these 2 plugins, you can see that WP Better security has more features than Wordfence. But Wordfence has the live mode feature which will show you your real time visitors (including bots, humans,…etc), 404 errors, real time intruders trying to log into your system. Thus its very difficult for me to pick the best one out of these 2 plugins. I leave it up you to decide the best WordPress security plugin. So please comment the better plugin of these 2.

So what do you think of this WordPress Security plugin?. Have you used the Wordfence security or Better WP Security plugin before ?. If not, then by this time you might be impressed with their features and you might be thinking to install one of these 2 on your blog. So what are you waiting for ?

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Chris Carter
February 24, 2014 10:19 am

I'm a little late to the party but I do like how you've put your information together. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said what could be easier than installing one of these two plugins.

Personally, I believe that of the two, Wordfence Security is the better option for the newest web masters out there. Many new website owners would be hard pressed to fully understand some of the settings in Better WP Security, especially with the changes it needs to make to the database, .htaccess file, wp-config etc.

So ultimately, in my mind, a… Read more »

September 3, 2013 10:35 am

Hi Pramod,

Well, here I am on your site. What can I say? You worked hard and wrote a lot of articles. I know these kind of articles because at some point in time I wrote for an Indian client myself (about cars). Full of technical specifications (it is a technical site, after all) and a lot of catchy phrases destined to impress the visitor. This is a part of the classical Indian style you can see in the press and online.

The result of this huge amount of work and research started to reflect in the blogosphere hierarchy. You… Read more »