Microsoft Windows OS will create a new registry entry for every new program you install. The entry may contain the path to shared DLL, dependent components, license information, browser objects, etc.

If you uninstall the program, the OS may not remove its corresponding registry entry. As the time passes by, you may install and remove a lot of applications and the registry will have a lot of orphan entries due to which the computer’s performance will degrade.

This happens because the OS will process each and every entry in the registry. When it finds an orphan entry, the OS will not be able to process it. Thus, time is wasted by the OS in finding and processing it.

To prevent this issue, Windows registry should be optimized on a regular basis. A free program that allows you to do the same is Wise Registry Cleaner, a small application that allows you to defragment the Windows registry and remove orphan entries from it.

Once you install and run it, Wise Cleaner will recommend you to back up the Windows registry. The program has a function for the same. The backup will be saved to an unknown location of your computer in a compressed file. You don’t have to search for the backup. Restore option in Wise Reg Cleaner will display a list of backups and it allows you to restore or remove the same.

Wise Registry Cleaner features the below 3 tools:

Registry Cleaner

wise registry cleaner

This is the most important function of the Wise Cleaner. Here you’ll find the below tools:

Fast Scan: This is the fastest method of registry optimization. This option will scan the entries which are considered safe by the program. Once the scanning task is over, the program will display a list of invalid entries in the registry. It also shows a Clean button to remove them.

Deep Scan: This function in Wise Cleaner will check each and every entry in the registry. It functions in the same way as the fast scan tool.

Custom Area: When you select this option, Wise Registry Cleaner will display a list of all optimization points. You have to select the objects you want the program to scan and optimize.

System Tune Up

system tuneup for PC

The Wise Cleaner features a tool to optimize the performance of the Microsoft Windows OS. It includes options to boost Windows shutdown/startup speed by allowing the user to enable prefetching module for startup parameters, disable the page file clear function, etc. This program can also speed up your system and optimize network settings. Below are the important functions that you’ll find under the System Tune-Up section of Wise Cleaner:

  • Optimize DNS caching, LAN connection, Ethernet card performance.
  • Improve TTL, TCP/IP performance, WIMS name query time, etc.
  • Increase Maximum connections per server value.
  • Disable animations, debugger, screen error reporting, etc.
  • Boost response time of applications.
  • Increase system ICON cache, etc.


reg defragmenter

Defragmenting the Windows registry will remove redundant entries thereby reducing its size. While using this tool, the OS will become unresponsive for some time. Before running the defragmenter, you’ll be recommended to close all active programs.

Like many other programs, the Wise Cleaner includes a settings utility that allows you to specify entries that you don’t want the program to process. You can also enable the command line mode and 1 click cleaner module through it.

wise reg cleaner for PC


  1. Inbuilt tools are fast.
  2. UI is not confusing.
  3. Doesn’t have advertisements.
  4. Multi-language support.
  5. Support for automatic updates.
  6. Allow you to change skins.


  1. Has unnecessary feature in the form of Assistance.

Conclusion: Wise cleaner is an excellent tool to backup, restore, optimize and defragment the Windows registry. It is lightweight, free and fast.


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