A game is nothing but a graphics intense program that creates several processes. It gives users a total control of the in-game characters and objects. It has complex animations. Games usually require higher system resources than a normal Windows program.

To ensure that your favorite PC game doesn’t crash in the middle of a gaming session, you should make sure that there’s enough free system memory available for the game. You should also find and stop the processes that are keeping the processor busy.

Why should you do this?

CPU will be required by a process when it is active. A process resides in the main memory of the PC. If a process is executing some task, CPU will be used else it will have fewer processes to handle.

The Microsoft Windows task manager can be used to accomplish the task of finding unwanted processes and stopping them. If you’re looking for an automated solution, you should use a game booster program.

WGB aka wise game booster is a tool that allows you to optimize the PC before you run any game. It is a freeware which can be downloaded from the wisecleaner.com website.

The wise game booster program has the below 4 main sections:
My games: Here the user must link the game’s main executable file with this program. When you run WGB for the 1st time, you’ll be asked to run the search tool which will automatically find all the installed games on your computer. If you had skipped this step, click on the search game option.

Below this panel, the program will display the number of issues that need your attention. It also displays optimize button to fix the identified problems.

wise game booster my games

System Optimizer: This function in the WGB software will improve the stability of the Windows system by making the Windows explorer run as a separate process, restarting the explorer when the desktop disappears unexpectedly and killing unresponsive applications automatically to prevent a system crash.

Wise Game Booster will also speed up your PC by tweaking the Windows Aero module to load the icon thumbnails faster, optimizing the display’s response time, increasing icon cache size, improving the behavior of active desktop programs and disabling pagination of memory, etc.

If you’ll be running an MMORPG, RPG or a LAN based game, you’ll be happy to know that WGB has a feature to improve the network speed. This feature will change the default value of maximum connections per server. It will optimize the performance of the Ethernet card. It will also tweak network settings for better performance.

wgb system optimizer for Windows PC

Process monitor: This is one of the most important features in the wise game booster. This UI will display a list of processes along with their CPU and memory usage. WGB will suggest you to either keep the process running or kill it to free system resources. You can stop a process manually by clicking on the end button.

wgb process optimizer

Service monitor: In this section, you’ll be able to control Windows services as well as the services started by the third party applications. In this UI, the user will find the service name, developer, suggestion and the user who has the rights to manage it.

wgb services monitor

In case you have disabled a critical Windows service and system has started behaving abnormally, there’s an option to restore the service.

This free game performance booster has support for over 15 languages. It doesn’t have settings panel and has a function to check newer versions of the program.

Conclusion: Wise game booster takes around 6 megabytes storage memory. It is compatible with computers running the Windows XP OS or its successors (up to Win 10). Because of its simple features, you can use it as a task manager alternative.


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