TVS WEGO vs Honda Activa Mileage Price Compared

Two of the hottest and most powerful scooters in India are undoubtedly the TVS WEGO and Honda Activa. Both are priced between 40k and 50k respectively and are always in very good demand in the Indian markets.These 2 scooters are popular amongst all ages of population. Whether its a teenager, college student or an older guy, if he/she thinks of owning a scooter then TVS WEGO and Honda Activa he/she wont ignore these 2 . Today, we’ll compare both of them. This comparison would help you to choose the best scooter that meets your requirements.But, before comparing TVS WEGO and Honda Activa, lets have a look at their specifications.

TVS WEGO Specifications and Mileage:-TVS WEGO Specifications | Mileage | priceWith a fuel capacity of 5 liters, this scooter sports an impressive 110 cc 4 stroke engine which is air cooled and employs the CVTi technology. It comes with a front and a rear drum brake that has a 130 mm diameter.WEGO has a max displacement of 109.7 cc and a max power, max torque of 8bhp at 7500 rpm and 8 Nm at 5500 rpm respectively.This scooter is powered by a 12V battery and has a 35W halogen head and a LED tail lamp. WEGO comes with a front telescopic suspension and a rear hydraulic suspension. Measuring 1834 by 640 by 1115 mm in dimensions, this 2 wheeler has a 1275 mm wheel base and a 150 mm ground clearance.With a top speed between 85-91 KMPH, TVS WEGO Mileage per liter is around 40 -55.

TVS WEGO on road price : 40000 – 48000 Rupees.

Honda Activa Mileage and Specifications:-It has a max power of 8 bhp at 7500 RPM  max torque of 8.74 Nm at 5500 RPM. With a Honda Activa Specifications | Mileage  | pricemax displacement of 109 cc, Activa comes with a 5.3 liter fuel capacity and a 12v battery.This bike/scooter has a front and a rear spring hydraulic suspension. With a dimensions of 1761 by 710 by  1147 mm, this scooter comes with a 1238 mm wheel base and a 153 mm ground clearance.This scooter employs tubeless tires and has a rear and front 130 diameters drum brakes.This 109cc scooter has a 35W halogen headlamp. Honda Activa Mileage per liter is around 45-60 KMPL and has a top speed around 88- 95 KMPH.

Honda Activa Price in India :- 43000 – 47000 Rupees.

Specification TVS WEGO Honda Activa
Length in millimeters 1834 1761
Width in millimeters 640 710
Height in millimeters 1115 1147
Fuel Capacity in Liters 5 5.3
Max Torque 8 Nm at 5500 rpm 8.74 Nm at 5500 RPM

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