SSD VS HDD is always a hot topic of discussion in the gaming world. As a Solid state drive is encompassed with flash storage and not the traditional magnetic plates, they tend to give better performance than hard disk drives. If you test their performance, you’ll conclude that the fastest HDD (with 7200 RPM) will always lag behind an SSD.

One important advantage of having them installed on PC or laptops is because of the volatile nature of flash memory that continues to hold data even when the computer shuts down unexpectedly due to power cuts. It’s proven that data transfer between RAM & SSD is much quicker than HDD. Hence, it can reduce the load time of games having large files.

The best SSD will also improve the boot time of the OS. If you’re a serious gamer, then you should seriously think of upgrading your computer hard disk with one of the below top 5 best SSDs we’ve shared below.

Samsung 850 EVO series

Samsung 850 Evo : best ssd under 5000 and 10000 Rs

Samsung is selling 4 variants of EVO 850 SSDs -120, 250 and 500 GB and 1 terabyte storage capacities for a price starting at Rupees 4000. The 250 GB version of Samsung 850 Evo SSD costs under 10000 Rs and it is based on the powerful V-Nand technology. It is energy efficient device that includes an impressive buffer memory of 512MB.

EVO 850 from Samsung applies AES 256 bit encryption algorithm to each bit of data stored on the storage. Hence, it’s highly secure. This budget Samsung SSD for a gaming PC is lightweight. To avoid corrosion, dirt and dust particles, this SATA internal SSD has been built with highly durable materials. Samsung claims that Evo 820 is around 2 times faster than its predecessor.

Price: Price: Within 4000 and 10000 Rs. Buy Samsung Evo here.

Kingston HyperX 3K

kingstop hypex 3K - Top 5 Best ssd for gaming PC and laptops 2014

Kingston is known for its cheap and quality computer peripherals and this drive is a prime example of it. HyperX has a data storage capacity of 240 gigabytes. It can read and read data at an impressive 510/555 MBPS.

Kingston company claims that this budget SSD under 150 dollars can load data much faster than any another other similar product on the markets. Due to its large number of positive reviews, we’ve included the HyperX from Kingston in this list of top 5 best SSD for gaming PC and laptops for 2015.

Price: Within 130 to 140 dollars (7000 to 8000 Rs).

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Adata SP600

Adata sp600 : best SSD under 10000

A budget internal SSD drive, SP600 has a very high data read and write rates. It stores data in AES encrypted format. It can be owned in 64GB, 128 and 256GB storage capacities.

This Adata SSD is highly affordable because its cheapest model with 128 GB memory will cost you within 5000 to 5500 Rs. It uses powerful smart monitoring function along with S.M.A.R.T module. Like some other TOP SSD’s in similar price range, Adata SP600 will turn off within a few seconds.

Price: Within Rs 5000 and 13000. Buy SP600 here.


PNY XLR8 - Top 5 Best ssd for gaming PC and laptops 2014

This 120GB solid state drive can be purchased for just 65 dollars (within 3000 to 4000 Rs). It has Sandforce controller and read/write speeds of 400 Mbps. XLR8 has 5 years of warranty when you register your account with PNY. Due to its low price and good reviews, this device is one of the best internal SSD for a gaming PC.

Sandisk Extreme II

Yet another top rated SSD under 200 dollars, Extreme II comes with the same data read and write speeds as the Kingston HyperX. It consumes just 0.22W power when active. Extreme II is made from shock resistant materials to ensure hardware safety on accidental drops. It can operate within 32 to 158 degree Fahrenheit temperatures easily.

Price: In the range of 10000 to 12000 Rs

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All the above drives can be mounted on a computer running Windows 7, 8.1 or 8 operating system. If you’re planning to build your own Gaming PC, instead of using an HDD, I would recommend you to buy any one of the SSDs mentioned above.



    Mr.Pramood, I would like to replace my HCL LAPTOP and buy budget based LAPTOP. I am of the opinion to buy TOSHIBA / lenovo LAPTOPS. Need your suggestion on purchasing the best one. My budget is within Rs.25000/-


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