Wireless speakers equipped with Bluetooth are portable and efficient devices to stream songs from an external device such as phone, PC or a tablet. They require low input power to work. Hence, they’re great alternatives to conventional speakers.

Bluetooth speakers are one of the top innovations of this century. They are must-have devices for the music/video lovers who watch videos and listen to songs on their mobile devices.

To buy a top Bluetooth speaker, you will have to spend several hours going through the listings on eCommerce websites. If you do so, you will be confused as there plenty of high-quality products in the markets. Well, you don’t have to waste your time on shopping websites because we’ve shared the best BT speakers in India.

Note: We’ve arranged the devices in the decreasing order of their price.

Best Bluetooth speakers under 20000 Rs

Bose SoundLink Revolve

Bose SoundLink Revolve

Bose is one of the most trusted brands in the world of music hardware industry. Its SoundLink Revolve is a small and lightweight device. Don’t go by its size, Revolve has powerful drivers that offer a breathtaking 360-degree sound experience.

This device packs a lithium ION battery and it features an aluminum body. Bose has fitted it with an auxiliary port to support connectivity with other music devices such as an MP3 player. The speaker provides a USB port and it has passed the IPX4 water resistance test.

SoundLink Revolve’s weight is 660 grams. It provides a great battery backup of up to 11 or 12 hours. It has a nice range of up to 10 meters. The device supports connectivity with 2 mobile devices at a time. Soundlink Revolve costs Rs 19900.

Sony SRS XB40

Sony XB40 - best Bluetooth speaker under 15000

Sony SRS XB40 features a large lithium ION battery that keeps it charged for up to 24 hours. It has a powerful driver module and an elegant design. The device supports charging via a MicroUSB cable. You can connect a portable power bank to it when the battery runs out of power.

XB40 supports playback of AAC format files and it can function as a powerful MP3 player. It provides 40 Watt sound output. It has a water-resistant design. You can connect the XB40 speaker with three devices at a time.

Apart from Bluetooth, SRS XB40 supports Near Field Connectivity technology. It has an intelligent bass system, 2.4 kilograms weight, and intuitive playback controls.

Sony XB40 costs 17000 Rupees. As it was launched last year, XB40 is one of the latest BT devices on our list.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 15000 Rs

JBL Pulse 2

JBL Pulse 2

Pulse 2 is one of the latest JBL Bluetooth speaker that you can buy right now. It requires a single 6000 mAh capacity lithium ION battery so that you can play uninterrupted music for 600 minutes. JBL Pulse 2 has 750 grams weight and it requires 5 volts power supply.

Users can connect Pulse 2 with a phone, laptop or a computer that features a Bluetooth module. This JBL device is compact and has a stylish design. Hence, you can place it in any room.

JBL P2 supports desktops, phones, tablets, and laptops. It costs 12999 INR.

Soundlink 2 from Bose

Bose Soundlink 2 portable BT speaker
Bose Soundlink II is a modern design based Bluetooth speaker that costs under 10000 Rs. SL II has aux, power, play, pause, volume up/down buttons at its top. It has a good range of 9 meters.

Soundlink II supports USB charging. This device is unique because you can connect it with two Bluetooth devices at a given time. When you charge it up to 100 percent, the battery in Soundlink will last for up to 600 minutes.

This device weighs 1250 grams. It is compact and stylish. It’s priced at 11500 Rs.

Best Bluetooth speakers under 10000 Rs

UE Boom 2

UE Boom 2

UE Boom 2 is a great alternative to the above device. It provides a good battery backup of up to 900 minutes. It ships with two 45 millimeter drivers and has an excellent design.

UE Boom 2 is a shockproof and waterproof device that features volume control buttons, MicroUSB port, BT indicator, and an Aux-In port. The maximum sound level of this BT device is 90 dBA.

B2 supports frequencies within 90 to 20 kHz. It supports integration with Apple Siri and Google Now. Its range is 33 meters and price is 13999 INR.

JBL Flip 4

JBL Flip 4 - Best bluetooth speakers

Yet another JBL device on our list, JBL Flip 4 is a waterproof speaker that operates at 85 Hz to 20000 Hz frequencies. It includes a 3000 mAh capacity rechargeable battery which gives a good backup power of up to 12 hours.

Flip 4 ships with a specially designed noise canceling microphone system. It has an impressive Bluetooth range. Hence, you can connect your device to F4 from any location in the room or hall.

JBL F 4 delivers stereo-quality sound output. It has 851 grams weight. It houses durable materials. It is available for purchase at 7700 Rs in 6 color options.

Top Bluetooth speakers under 5000 Rs

UE Roll

UE Roll

UE Roll is an IX67 certified device that boasts a mesmerizing circular design. It has a great range of 20 to 25 meters. According to Ultimate Ears, the manufacturer of this BT speaker, UE Roll has 15% louder sound than other BT devices in the same price range. It provides 360-degree sound experience to the users. The weight of UE Roll is 340 grams.

UE Roll provides up to 9 hours of battery backup. It features volume control buttons and a button to turn on/off the speaker. To play or pause tracks, you’ll have to connect the UE Roll to your Android device or iPhone. To do so, you must use the UE Roll app. The retail box of UE Roll ships with a durable bungee cord. Hence, you can hang this device on your wall, ceiling, etc.

This device from UE features a 3.5mm port. It is available for purchase in purple, blue, gray, orange, and black color options for a price within 4000 to 5000 INR.

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Boat Stone 600

Boat Stone 600 Bluetooth speaker

Stone 600 from Boat can operate at 40 to 20000 Hz frequencies. It costs within 2000 to 2500 Rs and has a 1500 mAh lithium battery, which gives a good backup power of up to 5 hours.

The Boat speaker supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It has a customizable equalizer function. Black colored Stone 600 has a dimension of 8.4 x 11.8 millimeters. Although it is bundled with plenty of interesting features, this device is cheap.

ST 600 is waterproof and has MicroUSB, AUX-IN, 3.5mm headphone ports. It costs below Rs 2000.


jbl go Bluetooth speaker

JBL Go weighs about 132 grams. It can connect to IOS, Android, and Windows devices. It comes with a microphone module. Thus, you can communicate with other users in a conference call.

JBL Go has a good battery life of around 5 hours. It offers a distortion-free music experience with the latest sound technology. JBL Go is a little monster. The speaker will surprise you with its superb sound quality.

JBL Go includes auxiliary input connection port. Because it is lightweight, this device is an ideal companion for travelers. This device from JBL costs between 1800 to 2000 INR in India.

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Portronics Posh

Portronics POSH - Bluetooth speaker under 2000 in India

This device from Portronics supports an array of devices and operating system which includes Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac, Smartphones, iPod, iPhones, iPad, etc. It is built with the top quality materials. Posh includes a USB port and a cable through which you can connect it to other devices. Portronics Posh supports connectivity with wireless devices that are within 10 meters range.

Portronics POSH is one of the cheapest portable Bluetooth speakers to include a MicroSD card slot. Thus, if you have an SD card loaded with music files, you can listen to your favorite songs by turning on this device.

Posh has compact dimensions. It weighs around 0.73 kilograms. The POSH device includes a 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Jack and it packs a lithium ION battery. You can purchase it online for within Rs 2000.

Philips BT50B/00

philips bt50b - best bluetooth speaker under 1000 Rs

Philips BT50B/00 is one of the best-selling speakers in India. Priced between 1000 to 1200 Rs, this device from Philips has a great design. It comes with 1.5 inches large driver unit and offers up to 6 hours of battery backup.

BT50B/00 supports low and high-frequency sound files. Its weight is about 200 grams. It supports connectivity to iPods, iPhones, iPads, and other Android/Windows devices enabled with Bluetooth.

BT50B has compact dimensions. It requires 2 Watts of power supply to work. Because of its solid design and good features, we consider this Philips device as of the best Bluetooth speakers in the 1300 to 1500 Rupees range.


zook zk-jazz - bluetooth speaker under 2000 RsZB-JAZZ is yet another top-rated wireless portable speaker from the fast-growing brand Zook. It offers great features for a budget under 1500 Rs. It has a premium design and offers 2.1 channel sound hardware.

This Zook device has a weight of 250 grams. It provides a good music playback time, thanks to long-lasting lithium ION battery. ZB-JAZZ supports playback of 20000 Hz sound files.

The 1800 mAh capacity battery incorporated in ZB-JAZZ takes up to 240 minutes to get charged. It offers 6 hours of decent playback time.

ZB-JAZZ requires 5 Watts input power supply. It offers many premium features that you’ll find in high-budget speakers.

If you’re not impressed with the quality of sound generated by your laptop or mobile phone, try ZOOK ZK-JAZZ and you won’t be disappointed. ZK-JAZZ has excellent features. Its price is 1500 Rs.

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  1. Want to buy a WiFi speaker around 10k. Please suggest

  2. Priya

    Hi Pramod, I have seen n heard the JBL Xtreme and Sony XB40. Which of these two is better, please help, cos I know that Sony is known for its music output, but JBL…I don’t know. Also, how is the Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II compared to these two products? I would like to go in for something that is long lasting rather than just price. Please suggest.

    • Both speakers have some pros/cons and belong to different price range. For example, Xtreme doesn’t have WiFi nor does it support NFC. Xtreme has 4 drivers and XB40 has 2. If you’re searching for a loud speaker within a budget of 16000 to 18000, you can buy Xtreme. If you’re searching for feature-packed BT speaker at a budget around 14000, Sony XB40 is a good choice to go with.

  3. Bron varghese

    Looking for a Bluetooth speaker in the range of 10000 Rs

    • I’ve mentioned 3 BT speakers that you can for within 8000 to 11000 Rs. Please buy one of the 3 speakers.

  4. Vaibhav

    Which speaker should I buy? JBL GO or Boat Stone 600?
    Are Boat speakers durable?

    • Pramod

      JBL Go.
      Yes, durability is one the reasons why I’m recommending the speakers to our readers.

  5. Pankaj Chamyal

    Consider Boat stone 1000. It just cost 3k on Amazon and it has 14w speakers with a monstrous base. You can check out the reviews.

  6. raem

    I am confused between JBL flip 3, flip 4 and UE. Please suggest me one best quality speaker

  7. Comrat

    I am looking for a Bluetooth speaker for mounting in the ceiling. Please guide me.

  8. Tony

    Folks –

    I did extensive research on these products. There are enough brands / models available if you are looking for anything around 10k. If you need really a thumping/loud portable speakers, then need to go for Bose or Harman. I bought Harman / Kardon Onyx because it was loud having good bass.( 26k – 3 hrs of battery with full volume / BT / Aux ). Quite loud inside the room. There are products available further on top of this. Please check ION speakers too, They have large number of models.

  9. jumto padu

    I want a high range Bluetooth speaker for outdoor parties with high bass within 3k Rs budget. Please suggest. My priority is high bass and sound.

  10. Raj

    Please recommend a Bluetooth speaker with clear sound and high bass at around 4K. Battery life can be compromised for excellent sound quality

  11. Saksham

    Hey I am confused between moto deck, jbl clip 2, jbl go and jbl charge 2+
    Plz suggest me which one is better.

  12. Vinay

    How’s the sound quality of F&D w12?

  13. Dev

    What about Zook rocker armour xl. Should I buy it?

  14. Ankit

    Can anyone suggest me the best speaker under 3000?

  15. raj

    Please suggest the best speaker under 2.5k (Bluetooth speaker)

  16. Saurabh singh

    Hi pramod,
    Looking for a bluetooth speaker between 1500₹-2500₹
    Confused between jbl go, philips bt50, Logitech x50. & Mi speakers which is a bit expensive and out of budget.
    Please recommend best of them or any other product you know better than the rest.

  17. Ashu

    Go For Posh Portrnoic , best in class under 2k i terms of Bass , water spill , sound awesome better than JBL and Philips in that range .

  18. Harit Mehta

    hi i want a bluetooth speaker within 6000 and i’m confused between jbl flip 2 and creative sound blaster which 1 is better?

  19. manju kc

    The best b.speaker is from ZOOOK . I bought zoook zb-jazz which is super, can connect pen drive,memory card,by aux cable,FM and also the best part led equalizer. Sound quality is awesome and good bass..1800mah battery, receive calls too with mic at just 800rs offer from flipkart.. Worth for even 1500rs..other models also too good

  20. vijay

    How about Bose cinemate?

  21. Rajesh Verma

    Hi, I just want to share my experience. I bought jbl pulse 2 bluetooth speaker last year online. Without doubt it is a quality product. All of a sudden it stopped pairing to my smartphone. I contacted jbl customer support they asked to contact authorised service centre. I went to the service centre and showed them my problem. Just in front of me they paired it with 2 different phones one by one. It worked but speaker was not pairing to my phone. Service centre guys said maybe it is my phone problem. It was almost 6-7 months I just kept the speaker with me without using it. Finally, I gave it to my brother in law. On his iphone 6 it was working. At the same moment I decided not to buy anymore premium branded speakers. Recently, saw on ad on my facebook wall showing ptron pill bluetooth speaker for some for some 500+ rupees. I couldn’t resist myself and ended up buying it. I would say its a decent quality. Best thing is it works with my phone whenever I want 🙂 I still wonder what made my jbl not to work with my phone when it worked with everybody elses phone. I dont know maybe my phone was at fault or speaker.


    Hello Sir,

    I am looking for Bluetooth speakers with decent sound quality for home purpose and with a budget of 20K ….I have heard about Harmon Kardon , JBL and Bose….Any other brand better than these and what do you suggest?

    • JBL and BOSE products are world-class. I haven’t used a product from Harmon. So, I can’t comment about it.

      • Rijee

        Jbl is a entity of harman kardon n it is good den bose

  23. vipul

    JBL flip 2 or Phillips bt600?
    which is the best only in the basis of sound quality?

  24. Rakesh

    JBL Go or Logitech X300, which one is better ?

  25. A.S

    How’s about MI Bluetooth speaker…..

  26. Vikesh Tripathi

    Talking about the best quality of sound in affordable rates, there should a mention of Damson’s bluetooth speakers. I own Ducasso BLACK BOY and it’s really awesome. The look, the performance is just perfect. And costs less than 2k.

  27. vishal

    Hi ,

    My budget is 25K. Please suggest me a speaker.


    • kaushal

      Go for jbl xtrem range

  28. Aishwarya Raj

    something with a budget of 4K please 🙂

  29. tejas Garbhe

    Hi Sir, my budget is 15k.. can you suggest best quality speakers in the budget please?

  30. Ganesh

    Hi I just purchased JBL Flip 3, I am happy with the sound quality but the battery life is an issue. The product specs promises a battery life of 10 hr in moderate volumer. However, my speaker drains out in 2 hours in a little more then a moderate volume. I have requested for the replacement, but after reading the recent reviews on Amazon for flip 3, I feel I should opt for something else. Is there anything better is the same range? Good Battery Life!

  31. Dinoop P

    Your really forgot to mention Amkette metal 2 BT. the king among these for only 2000 rs. I have been using that for more than 1 year. It’s having Bluetooth, 3.5 mm jack, micro usb and sd card input options. Really a little master.

  32. Gurinderpal

    Sir,i am confused between creative muvo mini&logitech x300.please tell me in the basis of sound quality

  33. abhishek take

    I want to buy speaker under 2k. So have 2 choices jbl go and zoook ZB-jazz, which one i should prefer

    • Pramod Choudhary

      Go with JBL

      • Gourav

        Sir i want to purchase bspeakers under range of 5k to 12k can u plz suggest better sound speakers wid long lyf …..
        Jbl pulse 2
        Jbl charge 2
        Sony xb3
        And any other plz suggest

    • rinkupal007

      SoundBot SB571

      12 Watt RMS and 40 mm dual driver…Price -2400/- INR

  34. Achin Gupta

    How is zoook Rocker 2? I am using this and it works like a charm.

    • Pramod Choudhary

      I haven’t used it but the product seems to be good.

  35. mihir

    i want the best bluetooth speaker under 4k please suggest.

    • Bhaskar

      I would suggest Logitech x300 or JBL flip 2 (a little over 4k)

  36. Balwinder Singh

    i am looking for bluetooth speaker with good sound quality- better bass- with clear sound at high tone under budget 11k-12k.
    Also, the speaker should be more than sufficient for one room.
    Sound quality comparable to soundlink 3 with lower price tag.

    Kindly suggest me some.

  37. Aman Sarda

    Hi Bro, My budget is 2K and i wanna good bluetooth speaker. Plzz sugest

    • Pramod Choudhary

      Hi Aman!
      I’ve shared 4 speakers for your budget. Please go through their details and choose one.


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