Before Tinder for Android and iPhone was launched, many online services allowed people to find a date online. Most of these services are now struggling because of the immense popularity of Tinder app. Many people believe that Tinder has similar features as Mark Zuckerberg’s college project, i.e., hot or not. When the Facebook CEO was a student at Harvard, he had designed a website that allowed people to rate profile pictures.

Tinder’s powerful UI has made it an addictive app. It also has a large user base. Thus, if someone rejects your profile, you can find a new date easily. Tinder has amazing user statistics. The company had revealed that when this app is running on phones, people use Android swipe gesture for a billion times (there are around 40MN active monthly users).

Tinder users have to log into the app with their Facebook profile, after which this app will search for people with similar interest. Profiles of users located in the same area will be displayed on the screen.

If you are not interested in the suggested person, swipe left. If you’re interested in the person, tap the picture. The major drawback of Tinder is that you cannot search users located in other areas until you subscribe to the Tinder Plus plan that costs around 600 Rs, i.e., 10 dollars per month.

Due to its high subscription charges and the fact that you cannot find users located in different cities, many people use Tinder like apps.

Dating has become much easier in the Android and IOS era, thanks to the cheap internet plans from telecom companies and powerful UI of the mobile operating systems. To find your love, you don’t have to waste your time on the bus stand, college campus or in the local park. Just download any of the below tinder alternatives and find your date in just a few minutes.

If you haven’t found true love yet, you should try your luck with the below apps that are similar to Tinder.

Best apps like Tinder


Happn is one of the best Tinder alternatives on the play store and it has around 1 million users. Happn allows you to customize your profile and it has some cool features that you’ll not find in any other Android dating app.

Happn will display only those users who are located near you (within 750 feet). This app will turn on your phone’s GPS to check your location. Happn will display random profiles in your timeline. The suggestion will be based on your interests and location.

You can send messages to other Happn users only if you both have shared interests. According to the developer, this app is 100% safe and surprising. You should try out Happn if you’re searching for a Tinder-like app.

Download Happn for Android or IOS


One of the top apps similar to Tinder, Hinge works in a similar way as Tinder and Happn. You’ve to use your FB account to log in to the Hinge app. When you’re signed in, this app will detect your location by using GPS module of your handset, and it will allow you to configure search criteria.

You’ll also be prompted to enter your email address. When you’ve entered your data, Hinge will find nearby people. If it finds relevant matches, profiles will be displayed else Hinge will add your mail address to the waitlist.

When Hinge service is available in your area, it will make you aware of this via an email. The hinge app allows users to change location and profile, and it will not charge you for this.

This Tinder like app is suitable for people located in major US cities. It supports only four international cities, i.e., Mumbai, Sydney, Toronto, and London. Along with dating, you can use Hinge to find new friends.

Download Hinge app for Android or IOS


The team behind OkCupid has 11 years experience of running a dating site. Thus, you can say that OkCupid has been implemented with one of the best matchmaking algorithms.

This app is free, and you can improve your experience by purchasing some inApp modules. It can run on phones or tablets with Android GingerBread OS. Thus, if you’re not able to install Hinge or Happn, you should try out OkCupid.

This application makes you aware of the profiles that are interested in you. It also allows you to like profiles or send messages to people that you find interesting. OkCupid is the only app in this list that will not force you to log in to the app with the Facebook account.

Because of its good popularity on the play store, you can say that OkCupid is one of the best Tinder alternatives. The UI of this app is fast and beautiful.

Download OkCupid for Android on iPhone

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Pros of apps like Tinder

  • Good UI.
  • Swipe gesture support.
  • Verified profiles with real display pictures.
  • Supports real-time messaging.

Cons of Tinder alternatives

  • not many profiles
  • you have to use 3rd party website to login.



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