Download Talking Tom Cat for PC [Free]


The Talking Tom Cat is one of the most hilarious and funny pet application. Every person owning a smartphone should have it installed. The logic of the application is to make an animated cat repeat the words uttered by the user in a funny tone.

I first heard about it when i was studying in the final year of my college and after trying out this application, i’m a huge fan of it. Whenever i feel bored or depressed i just chat with the Tom Cat 😛 hahaha. Apart from repeating words, the Cat can scratch your smartphone’s screen, throw cake at you…etc.Isn’t it cool? This software is available free for download on your smartphone from the Google Play Store or you can even run it on your computer using the below listed steps:-

How to download Talking Tom Cat for PC [free]

Talking Tom Cat for PC[Downloading the APK]
Yes this is the first step, You need to download an apk file of this android application. On performing a search operation on Google, you’ll find many sites that contain it in their file repositories. You can download it from any website that consists of the Talking Tom Cat apk file. You can even search this file and install it directly (when the application icon appears after you performed a search operation from the emulator) by entering the application name in the search box of the Android Emulator, but for that you’ll need to download the Emulator and install it on your PC.

Download the Android Emulator:- Now, as you have downloaded the APK file, its time to download the Android Emulator. Just download either of Bluestacks or Intel AppUp emulator and install it on your computer.

Installing the APK the game:- After you’ve downloaded the apk and Emulator, you just need to double click on the downloaded APK and open it with the Emulator you’ve installed on your computer.

Pramod is the owner of techwayz. He is a humorous and fun loving guy with an IT background.

3 Comments to Download Talking Tom Cat for PC [Free]

  1. Sohail


    I love Tom Cat which im currently using it for my android mobile. But i never though it would be available for pc too. Seems like i should give a try.


    • Yes ! You should give it a try !
      Thanks for the comment and keep visiting !

  2. Hitesh

    Tomcat is a funny character. My 2 year old son loves it. Thanks

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