I have been using the Opera browser as an alternative to Google Chrome for 5 months now. The browser comes with fantastic features. Furthermore, it is fast and stable. It never crashes and affects other applications. Chrome, on another hand, is still one of my favorite browsers. It is faster than Opera and supports cross-platform synchronization of bookmarks, browser history, and more.

Today, I’ve compared the features of my favorite two browsers. Let’s find out which browser offers more features and delivers better user experience.

opera vs chrome browser

Top features of Opera browser

Built-in VPN

Opera browser packs a built-in VPN client. The option to establish a VPN connection appears to the right of browser’s address bar.

Opera lets its users choose one of the following virtual locations:

  • Canada.
  • The United States.
  • Singapore.
  • Germany.
  • Netherlands.

Opera browser displays the amount of data transferred over a VPN connection. It doesn’t come with data transfer limitations.

Google Chrome doesn’t come with an inbuilt VPN. But it gives you the option to install powerful VPN clients from the Chrome web-store.

News section

If you love reading news on top websites, you don’t have to download and install an RSS Reader software on your PC.

The latest edition of Opera browser ships with an inbuilt RSS reader tool

To access the Newsfeed section, visit settings and click on the website icon on the left sidebar.

The Chrome browser doesn’t come with an RSS reader.

Extension support

Google and Opera web browsers are based on the Chromium project. Opera has its own plugins store where you can find extensions of various types. In addition to this, the browser allows users to install the top Chrome extensions.


Like the free Brave browser, Opera includes a robust ad blocker tool that allows you to obstruct or unblock advertisements on certain websites.

Apart from blocking advertisements, Opera also prevents websites from running JavaScript.

Currency converter

The Opera 42 browser features a currency converter tool which identifies currency symbols and converts the amount accompanied by it into local currency.

Turbo mode

Opera improves browsing experience when the laptop or PC is connected to a slow internet connection

Battery Saver

The battery saver toggle option appears automatically on the toolbar when the PC or laptop is on battery power. You have to click this option to use the battery saving feature of Opera.

Top Google Chrome features

Desktop and start menu shortcuts

Google Chrome browser allows you to install Chrome apps. Once you install an app, the browser will add a shortcut for it to the desktop.

Task manager

Chrome browser comes with a task manager utility, with which you can see the memory, CPU, network usage of a particular page/important modules of the browser. The task manager enables you to end the processes that are consuming the highest system resources.

Translation support

If you come across a non-English website, Chrome browser will detect the language of the text content automatically. Once it detects the language, the browser will show the option to translate the page into English.


Chrome displays deceptive site ahead warning message whenever you try to open a website laden with malicious scripts. It is one of the most secure browsers in the world.

Why is Google Chrome not my primary browser?

Large tab size: Opera has very neat UI. It has small size tabs and includes a title bar. Unlike Chrome, you can see the full title of the web page on the title bar. In Chrome, you must hover your mouse over a tab to see the page title.

No Speed dial: The opera browser features a dedicated button that allows users to access the speed dial interface where the user may have bookmarked his favorite websites. In Chrome, you must open a new tab to open the homepage.

Conclusion: Opera and Google Chrome are two of the best browsers for the Windows, Linux operating systems. They have excellent features.

Some users may find the features of Opera annoying while some may relish it. The same thing applies to Chrome. Which is your favorite browser between the two?

Image via Pixabay.


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