In the month of January 2015, I decided to upgrade my internet connection from MTS Blaze to Mblaze Ultra WiFi. I had shortlisted You Broadband, Airtel, Tata Photon Max, MTS Ultra WiFi. Youbroadband has attractive internet plans, but its reviews on were not good. I emailed Youbroadband customer support to know whether You-telecom is offering network services in my area. But I never got any reply.

Airtel has now started charging for VOIP calls. So I didn’t go for it. Tata Photon Max data tariffs are higher than that of MBlaze Ultra WiFi. Well, I was not facing any issues with the earlier connection, but as MTS is now offering internet connectivity on 3G plus networks, I decided to give it a try.

The new MTS card comes with a WiFi module. This is one more reason why I’ve upgraded my broadband internet connection to Mblaze Ultra WiFi. I purchased the card for 1100 through a local MTS partner shop. You can buy the data card online for 999 Rs.

The connection was activated within three days of my purchase. I was requested to submit my address, email address, phone number details. Address verification was completed on the 2nd day. My phone number was verified on the 3rd day.

Why have I bought MTS Mblaze Ultra WiFi?

  • Plans are good.
  • Can be used in Bangalore, Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan and many the other main cities.
  • Inbuilt IEEE 802.11 module.
  • MTS Network is good in my area (Surat).

What’s inside the retail box?

  • Warranty certificate.
  • User Manual.
  • Data card.
  • MTS USB power adapter.

How to use MTS MBlaze Ultra WiFi dongle?

Connect the EVDO Rev.B dongle to your PC or laptop. After few seconds, the OS will open a small window with a list of options. Select the open folder option to view files to open the root folder of MTS Mblaze Ultra WiFi’s ROM. Open the setup folder and run the EXE file.

The installation process will take new seconds. Once the installation is complete, click on the Mblaze.Mylink icon from your desktop. Once you do so, your OS will run your default browser. The browser will open a web page as shown in the below screenshot.

To enable the MTS Blaze Ultra dongle, click on activate link option. Now the page will open a dialog box with username and password fields. Go through user manual for the login credentials.

mts blazbe uta wifi dashboard

As shown in the above screenshot, the MTS web-page aka Blaze dashboard shows every important detail of your connection.

MTS Blaze Ultra WiFi internet speed test report.

mts mblaze ultra wifi review - speed test

The test results may vary from place to place. After several test runs, this is the best speed I could get.

YouTube video playback test:

I played a video song at 720p resolution. I didn’t see video buffering message when the file was being played.

How to use MTS Mblaze as WiFi?

You can connect a most six wireless devices (with/without GSM, WCDMA SIM card). WiFi hotspot setup is an easy task. All you’ve to do is enable WiFi on your device, go to its settings and click on connect button.

You’ll be requested enter a password. To get the WiFi password, click on Mblaze Mylink icon on your desktop. Now, the browser will open MTS page, click on settings and go to WiFi.

Note: WiFi connection can be established without a computer through MTS adapter.

MTS MBlaze Ultra WiFi Plans and Pricing.

The postpaid plans are attractive. The tariffs start at Rs 550 (+some tax). 10GB UL (5GB day, 5GB night) for 550 Rupees. Please check the MTS website for prepaid and full postpaid plans.

I hope that you’ve found this review useful.

Update: The LAVA dongle I got from the MTS store was dead within three weeks of my purchase. The dongle stopped working when I was using it with my handset’s WiFi connection. I called MTS customer support. The MTS CSE assured me that the card would be replaced within a week. The customer care executive raised a service ticket for the same.

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After waiting for over a week, I called MTS support again. The executive requested me to wait for a few more days as MTS takes at most 12 days to solve user problems. After waiting for 12 days, I spoke to a CSE to check the status of the service ticket.

To my surprise, they had closed the ticket. When I asked why the ticket was closed, the CSE told me that I didn’t answer their call. I was then requested to submit the dongle to LAVA center.

Folks from LAVA took 18 days to replace the dongle. Thus, my 30 days were wasted. I’ve quit using MTS Ultra WiFi postpaid connection, and I don’t think I would be using MTS internet again.

MTS customer support is bad, and they seem to be unclear of their policies. If you’ve faced similar issues in the past, you can share your experiences with us through a comment.

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