Microsoft’s Bing is one of the most famous and widely used search engines in the world. It’s at the 2nd position after Google. Google has 67% whereas Bing has around 17% of the overall search engine market share.

Google can be considered as the daddy of all search engines, and Bing is trying to catch up with Google. Microsoft’s Engineers are working day and night to improve their search portal.

If you prefer using Bing or if you love it, you may want to make Bing homepage and default search engine on your Browser. If you don’t know how to do this, just go through the below tutorials. We’ve shared a tutorial for all three major browsers, i.e., Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

To make Bing home page on Firefox, just follow these below steps:-

Step 1: – From Firefox’s menu bar, click on the Tools menu and then select the options sub menu.

Firefox Step 1-Make Bing home page & default search engine on Firefox browser

Step 2: – Now, Firefox will open its Option Window in which there’s a text box in front of the Home Page label. In that text box, just enter and click the OK button to save your settings and make Bing home page on your Firefox browser.

Firefox Step 3-Make Bing home page & default search engine on Browsers

Step 3: – Restart the browser.

Done !

Select Bing from the drop-box as shown in the below screenshot.

Firefox Step 4-Make Bing home page & default search engine on Browsers

To make Bing homepage on Google Chrome, just follow these below steps

Step 1: – From the top right corner of Google Chrome, select the tiles icon (as shown in the below screenshot) and select the settings menu from the popup menu.

Step 2: – After clicking on the settings menu, you’ll be able to see the Google Chrome’s settings page. From this page, select the “Open a specific page or set of pages” from the list of options that appears below the “On Startup ” text.

Step 3: – Now you’ll be able to see a dialog box with a text field in it. Just enter in it and click on the O.K button.

Make Bing home page & default search engine on Google Chromer browser

Step 4: – To make Bing the default search engine, click on the drop down list that appears in front of Manage Search Engines button. Now choose Bing from the list.

Make Bing home page & default search engine on Browsers

Step 5: – Restart the browser.

Done !
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  1. Nataie


  2. Nataie

    Hi Pramod, just a follow up o my recent post and I hope you cane figure out some typos and still understand my point because I m not techie, obviously. I do not want to use google and firefox I have had so much problems withem in the pasts. I still worry about my privacy with google. Thank you

  3. Nataie

    Hi Pramod,

    I would like to use IE and Bing only, or can I just use Bing itself without IE. It seemed like IE recently is not agreeing with my Bing. Now the maker of my computer made their product and as my default browser and it messed up all the time with my Bing as my browser. It would not allow me to replaced it with Bing as my default homepage/browse rand or search engine. There were times I am ale to make Bing as my homepage and search engine but I cannot remove the annoying maker of my computer and It set it selves as my default and I believed it continue running on the background. There was a time I am so happy to open my computer and there is Bing taking me all over the world with other educational information like science, nature and anything under the sun and Bing make everything look interesting and make everything look like a nice piece of art even an ordinary stone. Kindly respond on this post so that it may help others, just in case. Thank you so much for your time and help on whatever help you can share on this post to help others with similar predicaments.

  4. Nita

    Hi Pramod,

    I have always use Bing at home even at my workplace. Our IT set up all our computer browser and search default all computers at work. Some friends worry to use google as they fear their privacy is lost with google, but I do not worry about this.

    My question is, all these years, I use Bing as my home page default and search engine but I did not see any rewards and how do I receive or get the rewards. Also I have three e-mail accounts, one account, Hotmail is set up to notify me for rewards but that’s it. I do not know how to go on further. Everyday I do searches a lot, I would have gotten a reward a long time. Can enhance me on these to benefit other readers with the same queries as well. I am not so good in technical aspects including terminologies, I hope you still understand what I am trying to point out. Thank you

    • Nita

      What is meant by awaiting moderation on my comment? Please, explain to me in simple term. Thank you.

    • Pramod Choudhary Pramod Choudhary

      This program has a dashboard where users can check what rewards they’ve earned. Everytime you use Bing related products, Microsoft will reward you some points. You can get more points if you invite your friends to use this platform. If you have enough points, Bing will display some products that you can get for free. I hope this helps


    iwant bing and no other



  7. shiwangi shrivastava

    I truly agree with your points comaparing between google and bing. In near future you will get to see lot of hike in the popularity of bing . Thanks for your view.

  8. Susan Velez

    Hi Pramod,

    First of all I had no clue that Bing was that popular. I personally don’t ever use Bing for anything. Maybe I should start using it.

    I still find myself going to Google for everything and it is currently set as my homepage. Maybe I need to start looking at using Bing.

    I guess it’s just what we get used to…thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  9. Babanature

    Hello Pramod,
    This is indeed a nice tutorial and it was sure understandable :).
    Then Google was my default homepage but now i made my blog url the default homepage. The reason i made my blog my browser homepage is because i visit my blog more than Google or Bing :).
    If i want to search for stuff, i use the search bar located at the side of the address bar. But i use Bing webmaster for my keyword research and other seo practices.

    Have yourself a nice weekend over there

  10. Sue Price

    Hi Pramod
    I did not know BIng was the second most popular. That is still a real difference between Google and Bing though but iI guess in the scheme of things 17% is good.

    Thanks for the great tutorial.


  11. Rohit

    Hi Pramod,

    You did a mistake at the opening of this post, You mentioned “Microsoft’s Bing is one of the most famous browser in the world .” which is wrong as bing is a search engine not browser. 🙂