Lookout mobile security and 360 security apps have registered 50+ million downloads and they rank consistently among the top 10 apps on the Google Play Store. Today, I’ve shared a detailed review and comparison of these 2 apps.

The apps are popular because they’re effective in keeping mobile threats at bay. The developers of these applications have been providing updates on regular basis.

Lookout mobile security review

When you install and run lookout mobile security, you’ll be guided through a small tutorial that explains the app’s important features. You’ll be also allowed to turn on the signal flare feature.

Theft and virus protection will be activated when you create a lookout security account. Once your account has been activated, you’ll see an option to upgrade lookout security to premium or continue using the free version of the lookout security app.

The premium or paid version includes some cool features like theft alerts, safe browsing, privacy advisor, lock/wipe data, and cloud backup. It can be activated free of cost (without entering your credit card details) for 14 days.

lookout mobile security backup

The free version of lookout security includes the below features:

Mobile threat network: This is the most important feature of lookout security as it detects and eliminates every virus or malware file found on your android device. Lookout maintains a history of scans.

Cloud backup: This feature allows you to backup your contacts online. You can access the backed up data online by logging into your lookout.com account.

Missing device: Lookout security can help you find a lost Android phone or tablet. If its signal flare tool is turned on, Lookout will keep an eye on your phone’s battery. If the battery charge reaches up to 1% of 2%, this app will automatically update your online lookup account with the phone’s last location.

Automatic updates: This app will download the latest virus definitions whenever your device is connected to the internet.

Download Lookout app.

360 security review

This app reminds me of Cheetah mobile’s clean master. It has the same light blue color interface as CM. The features of 360 security app for Android are as follows:

Data monitor: With this utility, you can check the daily or monthly data usage. You can set monthly transfer limit in case you don’t use an unlimited internet plan on your device.

360 security features a data usage reminder. If your internet usage has reached the FUP limit, this app will make you aware if it via a notification.

Data monitor tool includes a firewall. If you want to block malware, viruses or any other type of internet based or attack, you can use this inbuilt utility of 360 security. To use the firewall, you’ll need to be a root user.

360 security antivirus tool

Call and SMS filter: When your run 360 security app’s filter tool, it will scan your phone’s inbox and it will display the spam level in percentage.

This utility gives you the option to block calls or messages from your call log, inbox or contacts. You can also block a number manually. 360 security maintains a record of a blocked numbers and messages.

Privacy: This is a special feature with which you can keep your SMS based conversations or any contact number private. You can keep your favorite apps protected with a pattern lock or password.

360 security app manager

App manager: This function includes useful utilities like APK manager and app uninstaller. It also displays the free and used system, storage memory. If you want to move files from your ROM to microSD card, you can easily do so with the app manager tool of 360 security.

Find My Phone: This utility allows you to find your lost phone. To activate this feature, you’ll have to log in to your Google account.

Antivirus: When you run the virus scanner, it will scan every running app on your Android phone. The antivirus will detect system vulnerabilities and it allows you to fix each of them in real-time. You can configure it to ignore apps while scanning.

Apart from the above tools, this app features a system cleaner and booster. If you can to remove junk files from your Android device, run the cleaner utility. To free RAM, tap on the boost button. 360 security from Qihoo works well. It doesn’t make you register any account. It has a simple UI and powerful features.

Download 360 security app

The free version of lookout mobile security is limited to above features. In my perspective, 360 security is better than Lookout mobile security. Thus, you should try it out.