Lok Sabha Election 2014 news portal launched by Google

The technology giant Google has launched its official portal called Google Elections that aggregates latest political news and election results of the upcoming 2014 Elections in India .This portal can be translated from English to the local Hindi language and vice versa on click of a button.This makes it easier for people uncomfortable with English language to get the latest political/election news and results in their local hindi language. As of Now, Google elections portal has covered the news on the elections that were held in Chattisgarh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Mizoram, Madhya pradesh.
google elections : Lok Sabha Election 2014 news portal launched by Google

The aggregated news shown in the respective tabs are nothing but the latest updates from top India news media houses NDTV, IBN Live, Zee News, Deccan Chronicle etc.The portal covers the details on the parties that would be competing for the Lok Sabha seats in the Indian Elections of the year 2014.If you wish, you can access the official web-portals of the parties like BJP, All India Congress, BSP, Aam Admi Party and others.The news portal from Google also covers the links to the parties online Video campaigns on YouTube.Google Elections portal has comprehensive information on How to vote /register your vote. So, in-case you wanna know the details on the procedure to register your vote on the elections day then you can refer the respective link located at the top on Google Elections website.As the time goes by, this Google portal would be flooded with all the Indian elections 2014 news and results. So make sure that you’ve bookmarked the website to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the world of politics.


Pramod Choudhary

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  1. Ah…I didn’t know they have a proper news portal to cover up the elections too :)

    All one sees is the counting and results on the various news channels. But this seems interesting, especially for those who are really keen to know the finer details about elections. I think this time BJP has taken a upper hand in 4-5 states already, so it might just turn out to be the winner. But we can never say till the last moment, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • Hi Harleena !
      Google has done the right thing by launching a portal that shows all the politics related indexed pages on a single page .Yes , its too early to say that BJP would win the upcoming elections and form the government ..BUT from the exit polls it seems that it will . Thanks for stopping by and you too have a great week ahead !

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