Laptops are portable devices like phones, but their battery life is horrible. A gaming laptop will have max 3 hours of backup power, and a business machine will last for 4 or 5 hours as it doesn’t have a discrete graphics card. There are many cities and villages where current supply is cut off on a daily or weekly basis as a part of power company’s load shedding activity.

If you’re located in one such area, you must optimize your laptop to consume less power, which in turn will automatically increase its battery life.

Below we’ve shared effective tips and the best battery saver software that will increase the battery backup of the laptop:

5 great tips to enhance battery life

Turn off router, printer and disable WLAN

I own a UPS, which supplies power to a WiFi router, computer speakers, and the laptop simultaneously. When there’s a power cut at my place, I always turn off the 1st two devices. I also disable Wi-Fi on my system. If I don’t do so, the laptop will keep scanning for available wireless connections in the background. If your system is being used a hotspot, this tip will make sure that the power is not wasted for other devices.

Reduce screen brightness

The display of a laptop is the main culprit for its poor battery life. Lessen the brightness of the screen when your system is unplugged from the UPS or any other power source.

Don’t play games

Modern games have heavy graphics and complex animations. They have demanding system requirements. Thus, the computer will consume a lot of power when you’re running game. If your laptop has a dedicated graphics card, the graphics will be processed and handled by the GPU, which in turn will drain the battery of your device at a very fast rate.

Turn off automatic updates

If you don’t want to disable internet connection, make sure that you don’t download anything from the web. Also, make sure that the Windows update feature is turned off when your laptop is in battery mode.

Don’t activate virus scanners

The scanning process of a security software will consume a lot of RAM and CPU cycles when it is active. Thus, more energy will be wasted.

Along with the above tips, you can also use any one of the below two software for increasing battery life.

Best Battery life saver for laptops with Windows OS

1Battery Optimizer

This is a free software from ReviverSoft that works with laptops from all popular brands that include Samsung, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. It takes 16 MB storage space for installation.

Battery Optimizer has a diagnostic tool that works when you’ve unplugged the laptop from the power source.

This tool will scan existing external peripherals connected to your system, and it presents you an option to disable them. When the diagnostic tool is running, you won’t be able to use other utilities of this software.

The optimizer will make users aware of the laptop’s battery life along with its current charge, health, etc. It displays processes and services that are using your system’s resources the most. You can quickly kill these useless processes with this software.

If you want your laptop to have the best battery life, you should use the energy-saving modes of this software.

This software can be scheduled to run on system startup. It also allows you to choose a power saving profile when the laptop is connected to a current source. Apart from this feature, the Battery Optimizer has a registry cleaner and a device driver update tool.

Download Battery Optimizer

2Battery care

This is the 2nd most popular free battery management system for Windows laptops. It claims to give the best laptop battery life when you use it. The setup file of this application comes in a zip archive file. This free software can be installed with two methods, i.e., express and custom.

If you choose the 1st method, a browser extension named as great find will be installed on your laptop. Select the custom method of setup if you don’t want to use the extension.

The software gives you detailed information about the battery in your notebook. It has several power-saving modes. It also includes useful options to disable aero mode, sidebar gadgets and broken windows services that run in the background.

Download Battery Care

Conclusion: The above two applications will improve your laptop’s battery performance if you use them wisely. They are light-weight, user-friendly and free. Use them if you don’t like power management system of the Microsoft Windows operating system.



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