XMedia Recode is a universal media file converter which means that you can convert video or audio files to any format of your choice. XMedia Recode is a freeware tool. You can use it on any Windows computer without any restrictions.

The program flaunts four options in its menu bar – file, edit, options, and help. Under the File menu, the user will find the option to open file, disc and the folder where the media files have been stored. For converting audio or video files, the user should specify the source folder.

When the program identifies your song and video files, it will update the table interface on the main panel with the below details of the files:

  • Name, chapter, duration.
  • Video type, Audio format and subtitle (Yes or No).

For detailed information on the encoding of a file, double click on the file name from its table entry.

Below the table, the user will find a tabbed panel with the below five tabs:

xmedia recode format : Free audio converter for WindowsFormat: Here, you have to select a profile and the output format of the file. The profile is nothing but a phone, tablet or laptop specific configuration. It is helpful in situations where the user doesn’t know whether the converted media file will be compatible with the device in which the file will be played.

When you select a profile (brand name of the device), Xmedia Recode will automatically choose the format option. For example, when I choose Xiaomi, Xmedia Recode sets the format to MP4 which means that the Xiaomi phone will be able to play mp4 files.

The program supports the below file formats:

  • WMA, WMV, WebM, WTV, WavPack.
  • WAV, VOB, VCD, SWF, SVCD, Speex Audio.
  • Real Media, Opus, OGV, OGM, OGG, OGA.
  • NUT, MXF, MPEG, MP4, MP3, MP2, MOV, MMF.
  • MPEG, Matroska Audio, M2TS.
  • M1V Raw video, IVF, HEVC, H.264, H.263, H.261 Raw formats.
  • GXF, G722, G.723, FLV, FLAC, E-AC-3, DV, DTS, DNxHD.

Below the Output format section, you’ll find 4 check boxes to select the output stream type and enable video/audio synchronization module.

xmedia recode video converterUnder the 2nd tab i.e. video, you’ll find general settings option and the below useful tools:

  1. Quantizer.
  2. Motion estimator.
  3. B-Frame calculator.

In this panel, Xmedia Recode allows users to select a file conversion method (convert or copy) and change codec type, frame rate, color mode, bitrate (maximum and minimum), the number of threads the program should create, GOP length and display mode (progressive or interlaced).

xmedia recode audio : MP4 converter for WindowsIn the 3rd tab i.e. audio settings, the user will find several interesting utilities. The user can use the volume correction tool to fix sound playback quality issues. They can merge multiple song files into one file by using the file import tool. Xmedia Recode supports channel mapping.

xmedia recode filters : MP3 converter for WindowsUnder the 4th tab i.e. filter settings, you can configure the program to generate cropped version of a video. Xmedia recode includes a deinterlace filter. You can specify a resolution for the output video file. For previewing a file, the XMedia Recode comes with an inbuilt video player which supports playback of all types of files.

xmedia recode queue : free video converter for WindowsUnder the 5th tab i.e. Queue, you’ll find a list of files which have been queued for conversion. You can add new files to the queue or remove existing ones through the queue option under the Edit menu or from the program’s toolbar.

Other features

You are allowed to save and load settings from the file menu. In case you frequently convert files from a particular folder, saving the settings and loading them later will save your time.

xmedia recode preferencesThe program can be configured to save the converted song and video files to any folder of your choice. It has the option to overwrite existing files with the converted ones.

To change the default decoders and language of XMedia recode or to enable automatic updates, prevent standby when file is being processed and change the thread settings, open the Xmedia recode’s preference tool.

Conclusion: XMedia recode is one of the best and most powerful audio and video converter tool for Windows family of operating systems. It is small program with plenty of useful features.

Featured image source: Pixabay.com


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