Microsoft has already developed the Windows 10 operating system and it has been tweaking the OS to make it better than all versions of Linux distros and Apple Macintosh OS. This is the reason it has not made Windows 10 available to the public. Just like Apple Inc, Microsoft has held several events to showcase the features of its latest software product. In its latest event, Microsoft unveiled these below interesting features of mobile and desktop versions its upcoming operating system.

Top Features of the upcoming mobile version of Windows 10 OS

Dockable keyboard: Normally, keyboard apps in phones are docked at the bottom of the screen when they’re tilted horizontally or vertically. Users of Windows 10 phone OS will get the freedom to position the keyboard anywhere on the screen.

Spartan browser: Microsoft is all set to introduce its latest browser named Spartan. This software is expected to replace the Internet Explorer and it comes with some very cool features. Spartan will come integrated with Microsoft Cortana – the virtual assistant. Thus, you won’t have to go through any tutorial to understand the core features of the browser. Users of the Spartan browser will be able to save HTML content to PDF and many more formats. Spartan will feature an ad blocker utility. It will also allow you to annotate any web-page.

Better photo editor: If you didn’t like the default Windows 8.1 phone app for editing photo’s then there’s a good news for you. Microsoft Corporation has redesigned the layout of its photo editing app. It has also added some new features. Users will be able to sync their images to Microsoft One Drive cloud platform through the app itself. This app includes some unique filters and improved settings.

Favorite apps: The apps that you use often will be displayed in a separate widget on the home screen. This is an interesting feature and most of the users will like it. Users of Microsoft and Nokia smartphones will get Windows 10 update by the end of next month. The OS will support 24 international languages.

Free update Windows 10 for PC and laptops

Top features of Windows 10 OS for PC and laptops

Xbox app: This upcoming OS will feature an app that will allow you to share your scores, achievements, game screenshots or clips with your friends who own the Xbox gaming console. The app will include a utility to chat with friends.

Free Update: If you use the genuine version of Windows 7, 8.1 or 8, you’ll be able to update your OS without any extra charges.

Cortana: This is a visual digital assistant for the upcoming Windows operating systems. Cortana will accept voice commands from the users and it will translate the commands into actions. For example, if you ask Cortana to display all files created on a specific date, it will display it.

Tablet mode: If your laptop has a touchscreen display, you’ll be able to switch between tablet and PC modes easily. This new mode has been designed to improve productivity.

Latest DirectX engine: Windows 10 for PC and laptops will ship with the latest version of DirectX. The new graphics engine will have improved API’s than its predecessors.

Pricing and availability

This OS is expected to be priced within 150 to 300$. It will be launched in the markets before May this year. You can try the preview version of the Windows 10 to have a look at what this new OS has to offer.

Along with the OS, Microsoft has also unleashed its latest ultra-high-definition 84 inch Surface hub television During its Windows 10 event. This television has been designed for business use. The surface hub will come with Windows OS and it will support wireless networking. With this TV, users will be able to connect and sync data from their Windows OS powered devices with the Surface Hub. The TV will come installed with some popular apps from Microsoft Corporation. It will be able in the markets soon after the official launch of Win 10 OS.

Image Source: Windows Blog


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