Last night while I was chatting with a friend on Facebook, I suddenly saw a picture message in my newsfeed. The picture had my profile image and it had a title as “Recent Profile visitors”. I was not very happy with the message as it was leaving a bad impression regarding me. It also labeled me as a stalker.

The message was generated by a spam app. I’m sure that I’m not the only guy who have seen this message. You may have seen it too in your FB news feed. To prevent such messages in the future, just unfriend the user or follow the below steps to ignore such updates from him/her:

  1. Visit Facebook settings.
  2. Click on the blocking option (located at the left of the settings page).
  3. Enter a name in block users section.
  4. Enter the name of the app that is tagging you automatically in block apps section.

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By the way, I don’t visit profiles of other people unless I have to wish them Happy Birthday. I don’t know how Facebook works nor I have any idea whether the company maintains a list of profile visitors for each user. But I do know that there’s no module in FB that displays user’s profile viewers.

Orkut displayed every visitor on your account’s homepage. This was one its coolest feature. I do know that no app can track who visited your FB account as the social networking giant will never share its database details with a 3rd party firm. Many people install 3 party profile viewer apps for 2 major reasons:

To know who’s interested in them: Everyone using FB would like to know if any guy/girl is interested in them. Unless you use a working profile tracker, you won’t know who visited your profile.

To check if anyone is keeping an eye on you: Yes! This is also a reason why people will use third-party apps. Many people are interested to know if their ex-girlfriends, boyfriends, relatives or their parents are keeping an eye on them.

Find who viewed your Facebook profile - Cool Working Trick

Cool working trick to know who viewed your Facebook profile

Install this Facebook profile viewer extension on Google Chrome. You should also recommend this plugin to all your FB friends as it can only track users that use this plugin.

If you don’t have this browser installed in your PC, download offline Google Chrome installer and run its setup. Once you have successfully installed the extension, Chrome will automatically open a web page that displays “Activate” button.

Click on this button. Now log into your Facebook account. You’ll see a visitors tab/option at the top right corner of your account. Click on it. Now you’ll see an internal window that display’s all the users that have recently visited your profile.


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