FaceTime is a cool app that allows you to video chat with Apple product users over WiFi network. Thus, it is one of a must-have app for IOS devices. For some reasons, Apple limits the use of its services only to Macintosh or the IOS operating system.

Buying a latest Apple product with any of these 2 OS will reduce your bank balance by 100s of dollars. iPhone 6 costs above 900 dollars and a Mac laptop are usually priced between 950 to 4000$.

Apple FaceTime for Android was never launched, but don’t worry! There are better apps than Facetime on the Google play store.

How to get Facetime on Android mobiles?

The answer to the question is simple. Install one the following apps like Facetime on your Android device and enjoy free video calling.

1Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the best facetime alternative for Android. GH is one of the most important features of Google Plus social network. Because of the popularity of this device, Google launched the Hangouts app on the Google Play Store. Installing GH on Android or iPhone is an easy task. After installing this app, you must log in with your Google account to make free video calls. You are allowed to use more than 1 Google accounts at a time.

This app automatically detects spam messages. Spam won’t be removed automatically. Thus, you can review useless promotional messages before deleting them. Hangouts app features an invitation system. You can engage in a video conversation with a person only if he/she has invited you.

This app supports maximum ten video calls at a time. In case you’re not happy with the front camera’s video recording quality, you can quickly switch to the rear camera. Hangouts app packs an instant messaging system. You can send free text messages to users in your circles/hangout.

This app supports group conversation. It allows you to archive and delete the call history. It maintains user’s last seen time.

Users are allowed to set profile pictures in their hangout account. Like WhatsApp, you can attach photos or documents with the messages. Hangouts from Google is a cross-platform messaging app. You can install it on Windows phone or desktop, IOS or Android. To make a video call with this app, follow the below steps:

  1. Open the app and sign in with your Google account
  2. Enter a contact name.
  3. Tap on the video icon.
  4. Hold your smartphone as if you’re taking a selfie picture.
  5. Start speaking with the user.

Download Google Hangouts


Skype was first introduced as a Windows software in 2003. Now it is available for several popular mobile platforms, i.e., Android, IOS, BlackBerry, etc. As it has been there since 2013, Skype is the oldest IM app in the world.

This app has a vast user base. Over half a billion people have used it. To get started with Skype, you must either log in to the app with your Microsoft account or register a new account.

Skype has a beautiful UI. It will read your contact list and the names and phone numbers of friends using this app will be displayed on the main interface. Like Google Hangouts, you must connect your account with the other user before you start video or text conversation. Skype supports call forwarding.

You are allowed to add a profile picture, mood, or post a new status message on Skype. You can change your visibility to invisible or available on Skype. This app features animated emoticons. It allows you to change video call quality.

Download Skype 


Rounds app is one of the smallest apps on our list. Facetime for Android may not be available but who needs it when you have a high-quality video calling app called Rounds.

Unlike Skype and Google hangouts, this app requests you to log in to to the application with your Facebook account, after which it will make you aware of all your friends who already use it. Rounds application supports voice/video calling along and free text messaging.

It allows you to add or block friends. Rounds app boasts medium size fonts and a gray color interface. It displays your Facebook profile picture instead of making you upload a new DP.

Rounds support cross-platform calling. Thus, if you have an Android device, and your friend owns an iPhone, you can easily communicate with him with Rounds. This app includes group chat module that allows you to interact with max 12 users at a time. It features video filters and enables you to play cool games.

Download Rounds 


IMO is a lightweight app like Facetime with nice features. It supports unlimited video calling and text messaging. You can make 1000s of video calls to other users with IMO.

To keep your communication private, this app will encrypt all your calls and messages. IMO is a free service. It stores chat messages in the storage memory of your device. Thus, you can delete the history anytime.

The highlighting feature of this free video chatting service is that users don’t have to register an account.

Download IMO


The Tango app supports localization. Apart from its high-quality video calling feature, Tango allows you to find new pictures, posts, channels via its news feed system.

Users can comment on new posts and, they can play games as well. Users are allowed to follow their favorite channels. Tango is a social network, which is being used by millions of people. This app is not only a good Facetime alternative but also a powerful instant messenger.

Download Tango 


Fring is the only app on our list that allows you to make video calls from Android to Symbian phones. It has been around since the year Nokia was dominating the entry-level phone and smartphone markets.

Fring uses DVQ technology to deliver the best video calling experience. It supports max 4 video calls at a time. Fring has a nice interface. It maintains a history of your video/voice calling activities.

Download Fring

Conclusion: If you’ve switched from iPhone or iPad to Android, you won’t miss the cool features of Facetime if you install any of the above apps. The video calling quality in Hangouts, Skype, IMO, Tango, Fring, and Rounds app is exceptionally good. Convince your iPhone user friend to use them and enjoy free video chats.



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    In addition to facetime, you may also try a R-HUB desktop video conferencing server. It works on Android, iOS, Windows , MAC etc.


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