Instead of hiring 3rd party spying & detective services, you can expose cheating partners in a high tech way with some free apps I’ve shared below.

These apps don’t require any particular hardware configuration. Hence, they’ll work on any Android 2.3+ tablet or the phone. If you suspect your wife or husband is having an affair, then you should try them out.

mCouple: This app has been recently launched for Android, IOS phones and tablets (including iPad) and it has managed to get over 10000 downloads in a short span of time.

To know whether your husband or wife is cheating on you, you’ll need to install mCouple on all mobile devices that your spouse uses.

mcouple - Expose cheating partners with these free Android apps

Once installed, mCouple will start monitoring call, SMS records and GPS location of the user. It will also scan their Facebook activity. It gives access to the monitoring data only if this app has verified an external smartphone or tablet. MCouple is free, and it is the best MSpy alternative as of now.

GPS Tracker ProWhether you’re A young or an old couple, you can use this free application to find your partners exact location. This software makes use of the GPS navigation technology to find people.

Tracker Pro is smart, and it comes integrated with maps. It supports several languages. With its robust set of features, this Android GPS tracker can find lost phones as well.

Automatic Call RecorderThis is one the best apps to spot a cheater spouse. It can be configured to record all or calls to specific numbers you suspect.

This software can store the recorded files to Google drive or any folder on your spouse’s phone. Along with ACR, you can install file hide expert to make the folder hidden.

Spy Camera: This cool app can record videos or capture images automatically at random time intervals. It supports features like touch to capture, burst shot, face detection, autofocus, etc.


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