Three of the most popular free to download apps for optimizing Android mobile phones and tablets are clean master, 360 security, and Du speed booster. With these applications, users can quickly improve the performance of their phone. If your handset doesn’t come preinstalled with performance booster app, then you should download Du booster, Clean Master or 360 security.

Our today’s article will highlight the full features of these three apps. We’ve also shared the key differences and similarities between Du speed booster and clean master.

Clean master:

Du booster vs clean master apps | comparison & reviewCheetah Mobile has developed this software. Let’s have a look at its full features:

My Cloud : If you register an account with Cleanmaster website, you’ll get free 2GB of cloud storage space.

Backup Photos: After registration is complete, users can back up photos to the online cloud storage platform.

Similar Photos: This utility scans all photo files stored on your phone. Once its scan process is complete, Cleanmaster will show you 3 column interface that displays similar, duplicate photos and a delete button. Before tapping on the delete button, you must identify and select each duplicate image that you see on your screen.

Save Device space: This is a well-designed utility of Clean Master that allows users to remove unused/rarely used Android apps, app cache, similar photos, audio files, backups and other large files that consume large space on your ROM.

Save battery: If you run this tool, you’ll see a list of running processes and their RAM usage. The list has been sorted in ascending order. If you click on any process, Cleanmaster will open the app uninstaller utility.

Recover deleted photos: This utility will restore all images that were removed accidentally by the user.

free download clean master for Android

Cleanmaster settings: Here users will find 27 options. You can change notification, Widget, junk cleaner, security, app, phone boost, general settings.

Phone Boost: Clean master can detect your CPU’s temperature. When you open the boost phone utility, this app will 1st show you the current temperature of your processor.If the temperature is high, you can fix it.

If the temperature is high, you can fix it. Phone boost will also show a list of processes that consume the most RAM. You’ve to kill all unwanted processes to optimize the performance of your phone.

Virus Scanner: This app for Android comes with an inbuilt antivirus system. Thus, you don’t have to download Norton, Macafee, AVG or any other Android security app from the Google play store. The antivirus utility in Cleanmaster will automatically scan your system for malware, privacy issues or Trojan horse infections. It will also remove viruses from your phone.

App Manager: With this Cleanmaster tool, you can easily backup, uninstall or install Android apps. Apps listed by this tool can be sorted by their usage frequency, size, name or category. This utility will also show you a game optimizer (boost) button. If you tap on this button, the Clean master app will free up RAM before launching a game. Thus, you won’t experience any frame drops or performance lag while playing the game.

Download clean master for Android.

DU booster:

DU Apps Studio has published the du booster app for Android. Here are its key features:

Settings: This window has six options. The most important ones are listed below:

  • Create shortcuts.
  • Turn off notification bar, floating window.
  • Schedule an optimizer.
  • Add quick switch

Phone information: Du booster can display your phone’s hardware and software details. It also shows

  • Real-time availability of RAM.
  • CPU usage.
  • Phone signal.
  • Used and Free space in ROM and MicroSD/XC cards.

Introduction: This utility can save your time by optimizing phone with just a single click. The presentation will show you the below optimization checkpoints.

Speed test: You can use this tool to check your network service provider’s internet connectivity speed. It also examines your home network (WiFi) strength and speed.

DU security: Just like Cleanmaster, DU speed booster features an antivirus system. It also includes a privacy advisor utility to change settings of apps.

App manager: It allows you to uninstall apps and APK files. You can also use this tool to move apps to SD card.

Trash cleaner: This utility will list all junk files stored in your ROM. You can clean up your system by tapping on optimize button.

Game Booster: DU booster claims that its game booster function can improve the performance of your games by 30%.

One tap to optimize: If you don’t want to waste your time in browsing each optimization options in DU booster, you can use this utility.

Download DU speed booster for Android [Free].

360 Security

DU Booster vs 360 security vs clean master

360 is an advanced application which not only helps you eliminate junk from the phone but also enables you to remove viruses from it. Below are the most striking features of 360 mobile security.

App lock: With this feature, you can configure 360 security to prevent unauthorized access to apps you’ve installed.

SD card scan: If you have moved files from Windows PC to SD card, make sure that you use 360 security app’s SD card scanner feature to find security issues with it.

Phone cooler: 360 security can reduce the temperature of your phone by killing apps using the most processor and RAM.

Game boost: If you want to run an Android game, running the game booster module of 360 security will boost the performance of the game.

Space cleaner: If your phone’s storage memory contains 100s of junk files, run the space cleaner tool to get rid of it.

App manager: Want to remove unwanted apps? Open the application manager utility of 360 security.

Find my phone: Enabling this feature will help you locate your mobile phone in case you’ve lost it.

Call and MMS filter: If you get plenty of blank or marketing calls, enable the MMS and Call filter function, and forget about fake callers.

Data monitor: If you’re not using an unlimited data plan, you should open the data monitor tool and sect usage limit.

Firewall: 360 security app comes with inbuilt firewall tool. You must provide root permission to 360 to enable the firewall.

Phone booster: With this function, you can make Android OS faster.

Download 360 sec here

Du booster vs 360 security vs clean master apps comparison

User Interface: Let’s be honest, Clean master and 360 security have better UI than DU booster. They use simple graphics files for buttons, background, etc. Hence, they require less RAM than DU booster.

Features: Cleanmaster offers many useful features. It also allows you to save battery power. Du booster, on the other hand, has a limited number of features. To save your battery power, you’ll need to download a separate app. Its internet speed tester is a useless utility. The tool would have been much more useful if it had the option to improve internet speed.

360 security is a feature-packed Android application. When it comes to features, 360 is a better application.

Privacy adviser: Du speed booster has privacy adviser utility with which you can quickly change app permissions. Cleanmaster doesn’t have any utility to modify apps permission.

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