Android operating system is an innovate and powerful. But its contact system is neither innovate nor it is attractive. To make a call or to send SMS, you’ve to tap on the contact number.

Whether it’s Android, IOS or Window phone 8.1, this communication technique has been implemented in all mobile operating systems. If you’re searching for an alternative contacts app for Android or if you want to connect with people faster, check out drupe.

The Drupe is a simple app with makes communication much easier and faster. You can get it from the Google play Store. Drupe will read your call logs and contact list. It also requires an access to Android notification system. After installation, this app will prompt you to enable these 3 permissions. If you deny any permission, some features of Drupe might not work.

When this free software has been installed, you’ll see a small widget (with 4 dots) on the right side of your handset’s screen. This widget is visible on the lock screen too. Its location can be changed anytime.

To start using this software, place your finger on the dots and swipe it to the left side. Now you’ll see a list of contacts, 7 communication apps floating over an opaque background. The list is generated automatically and it features the numbers/Android software that you use frequently.

At the bottom of the Drupe interface, you’ll find a search utility, dialer & settings (gear icon). To send a message, simply drag & drop the contact to the WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype or any other application. If Drupe is not displaying the desired contact, you can make use of its inbuilt search or the dialer tool. Just enter the first letters of the contact name, drupe will find the number for you.

Drupe allows you to manage the contacts and apps that appear on its interface. Drupe users are allowed to add a new contact. They can also import phone numbers from WhatsApp group. To change the order of phone numbers, tap on any number and swipe down/up. The order of apps can be changed with the same technique.

Drupe features a favorite and recent activity list view. You can switch between the views by swiping or by navigating to the settings. Drupe app has a thumb swipe feature with which, you don’t have to drag and drop a contact to an app. It allows you to change the color theme.

Its lock screen widget can be disabled through the app setting. This app can be used in many ways. You can share contacts or your current location with it.

Download drupe free app for Android.

The popularity of this software is growing every day. Within a month of its launch, Drupe app has been installed and used on over 100000 Android devices. The app’s average rating of 4.6 is excellent.


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