Every day in India, many people fail to get a confirmed train seat, and they end up buying a tatkal or a waiting ticket. If you manage to get a tatkal ticket, your seat and comfortable journey are confirmed.

If a traveler is on a waiting list, he will have to spend the night laying on the floor or by standing/sitting beside the toilet. In worst cases, you’re forced to travel in the general bogie which is always overcrowded by passengers. Let’s admit and say that many of us have faced these two situations in our life. To be honest, such train journeys are unforgettable, and you’ll avoid traveling by train next time.

Every day, millions of people use the railways to visit different places. Although there are around 15K trains in India, there are a lot of reasons why you might not get a confirmed train ticket to travel a long distance.

The latest solution to the IRCT ticket problem is Confirmtkt – a web-service that was launched last year by two ex-IBM employees. This service uses historical data provided by IRCTC and a robust prediction algorithm that will ensure you a confirmed ticket.

According to this startup’s marketing head, 90 percent of predictions of ConfirmTKT are correct. They’re working to make this service as accurate as possible.

confirmtkt website

If all seats are booked, ConfirmTKT will allow you to find an alternate train. It will also suggest you a route that will ensure a comfortable traveling experience. For example, I used this service to find a ticket from Surat to Marwar Junction stations. As there were no seats available, ConfirmTKT displayed an option to check other trains. When I clicked this option, this service requested me to travel by two trains. 1st from ST to ADI stations with a waiting ticket (traveling will take 3 to 4 hours) and then from Ahmedabad to the destination i.e., MJ with a confirmed ticket.

get confirmed train ticket

ConfirmTKT website is used 1000s of people on a daily basis. Most of the users are return visitors. This proves that the users are satisfied with the predictions. Some time back, the founders were able to raise funds for expansion. In the coming days, this service will be even more popular.

Apart from train seats, this website can predict your PNR status as well. ConfirmTKT has also been published in the Google play store and Windows app store. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, do check out the app.



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