There are 100’s of launcher applications on the play store. A day before yesterday (on 19th April), we had shared a review on Apus. Today, we’ll make you aware of the features of its competitor, the CM launcher (version 1.6.8).

This personalization app has some interesting stats on the Google Play Store. The average rating of CML is 4.5 and it has been used by over 10 million users. These numbers are not as good as that of Apus launcher but CML has some unique features that make it one of the best launchers on the play store.

Free CM Launcher review

Search bar: The search bar of CM launcher for Android is less cluttered and it is better than that of Apus. It has a local apps/web label. Thus, new users can start using this utility straightaway without going through any tutorial.

Tapping on the search bar will open a new window that features recently used applications arranged in rows. Each row is partitioned in 5 columns. The icons of the apps displayed in this interface are small. The search bar’s performance is good. It cannot be repositioned by the user.

This utility allows you to find information and new websites through search engines. It also displays trending search keywords. There’s no auto-complete feature in CM launcher’s search bar.

Time and weather: Users of CM launcher can get information on climate and current time with this utility. To get correct weather information, you are allowed to enter your city name or you can let CM launcher detect your location automatically.

Before you use this feature, activate GPS, data plan, and GPRS or 3G connection on your phone. This utility is powered by weather underground service. It will display current temperature of your city in Celsius or Fahrenheit units.

Recent Widget : Tapping on this folder will open a new folder that features the apps that you’ve recently opened. The recent widget will be added below the time and weather widget.

CM settings: This utility allows you to make this app your default launcher. You can turn on/off the status bar, more apps icon with CM settings. If you want to change your default search engine, open this tool.

Icons and animations: CM launcher includes light color icons. It is simple and doesn’t include animations, special effects. The dimensions of Icons cannot be changed manually. If you’re not a huge fan of graphics & animations, you can go for CM launcher else go for any of its top alternatives.

CM Wallpapers: This software from Cheetah mobiles gives you an access to a huge collection of high definition wallpapers. The wallpapers are categorized and you can like or download them for free.

Folders: Users are allowed to add new folders in which they can drag and drop as many apps they want. They are not allowed to change the folder’s name.To remove an app icon or a folder, long press on the file and drag it to the remove button located at the top of the screen.

App recommendations: Every time you open a folder, CM launcher will display a small widget at the bottom of your screen. This widget will display 4 popular free Android apps. You are not allowed to remove its widget. If you don’t want to see recommended apps, just disable the data connection.

Navigation system: Tap on any area of the screen to access CM launcher’s menu. The menu will popup at the bottom of the display.

Final Thoughts: Many apps from cheetah mobiles have impressed me a lot. I expected this launcher to have many interesting features but, to my disappointment, there are not many customization options available in CM launcher.

This launcher will recommend some apps whenever your Android device is connected to the internet. It doesn’t have any special effects nor does it include cute animations. The search bar and time + weather widgets are awesome.

If you’re an owner of a phone with low-end specifications (single core CPU, 256 MB RAM), you should install CM launcher. Owners of quad core phones with 512+ MB RAM should consider using Apus.


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