Brave is the name of a new browser launched by a company started by the founder of Mozilla Corporation and creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich. I found Brave last month when I was searching for the alternative to Mozilla Firefox. I am using Brave for 30 to 35 days and it has become my favorite browser.

Brave loads websites at great speeds. It is faster than Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. The address page of this Browser displays the website load time in seconds.

The browser includes the below tools inbuilt:

Phishing links and malware blocker

The BB includes inbuilt malware and phishing scripts blocker module. Hence, you will not see fake pages that request you to enter passwords. Nor you will see malicious URLs.

HTTPS everywhere

Google and other major search engines have recommended webmasters to use HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP for safeguarding the privacy of visitors. Some reports claim that only 23 to 24% websites use HTTPS. Unlike HTTP, adding SSL support to a website is not free.

HTTPS Everywhere is a plugin/feature which assures that a website uses HTTPS rather than HTTP. This feature is inbuilt in the brave browser.

Ad blocking and tracking

Brave Browser blocks advertisements on websites on demand. Ad blocking is one the coolest features of BB. Apart from advertisements, BB also prevents scripts from tracking your location.

brave browser review

Cookie control

The Brave browser lets you block cookies that websites save for serving relevant ads. It prevents eCommerce portals from reading your browsing history.

Inbuilt PDF Reader

You can use Brave to read PDF documents or eBooks. The browser uses HTML5 technology for rendering the PDF file.

Password management

brave browser security

Brave supports the below popular password management tools:

The browser doesn’t support KeePass password manager yet.

Brave vs Chrome RAM consumption

I opened Gmail and Facebook on the two browsers in different tabs. Here’s a snapshot of RAM usage of Brave and Chrome browser.

brave browser memory usage

Brave used 568 megabytes of RAM.

chrome RAM usage

Chrome required 600+ megabytes of RAM.

Script blocker

Websites have become harsh these days. They detect ad blocker and ask users to disable it. If you don’t want to see this message, enable the script blocker function of the BB.

Behavior when a page doesn’t open

Chrome tries to open a web page for a few seconds when an internet connection is active. When it fails to do so, Chrome will show a popup with options to kill the page or wait till it loads. Brave on another hand, will not waste users time. If it finds that a website is facing some issues, the browser will not open it.

Users can download 32 bits and 64 bits edition of Brave from The browser supports Windows, Linux, and MAC operating systems. It is fast, lightweight, free, and powerful. Are you using it?


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