BitTorrent Inc has released the latest version of its popular Sync file synchronization software. The new application comes with some significant changes, but the most important feature is the encrypted folder in which Sync 2.3 will ensure that your data is safe.

When you create Encrypted folders, the BitTorrent Sync 2.3 software will generate three keys.
RW: A key for modification of data.
RO: Key for receiving and sending files (change is not possible with it).
Encrypted: This key will allow remote machines to accept updated data, but they will not be able to modify it.

Before your data is sent to a remote location, it will be encrypted with the 128 bit AES algorithm using one of the above keys (selected by the user). After the encryption process, the users will not be able to understand the file data unless they decrypt it with the 3rd key. Refer this blog post for complete information on this process.

BitTrrent Sync menu

The keys are nothing but the permissions assigned to the file when it is stored on a server. Sync 2.3 software will create them automatically, but you will have to select its type.

Apart from the encryption feature, Sync 2.3 software can function as a background process. Thus, you can configure this software to sync files automatically when you’re playing a game, watching a video, etc. Users can run BitTorrent Sync 2.3 as a Windows service. During its installation, it will display an option for the same.

BitTorrent Sync Encrypted folder

This software is now able to read and write your data to MicroSD cards of Android smartphones and tablets.

BitTorrent Sync 2.3 is available for download as a premium and free 32 or 64-bit software. You can install and run it on Linux Distros, Android as well as on Windows computers. It is an interesting and useful tool for storing or syncing files securely on servers or for sharing files with computers in the same network.

BitTorrent sync free download

BitTorrent Sync uses shortest path routing technique and peer to peer protocol for transferring your data. Thus, it is fast.

Download Link.

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