The Government of India has launched the BHIM (Bharat Interface For Money) app to make digital payments quicker and easier. The app is considered to be a great PayTM alternative. It transfers money from your account to other users a/c in few seconds.

The app is safe as users are asked to set a passcode and UPI PIN before they send or receive money. BHIM is still in its early stages. Hence, it lacks some basic features such as passcode recovery, option to show account balance, etc.

PayTM has loads of features. It has evolved from a basic phone number recharge app to a powerful wallet application.

PayTM has 10+ million users. BHIM app has raked in over up to a million users within few days of its launch.

BHIM vs PayTM app

Below, we’ve compared the important features of the two mobile payment apps.

PayTM vs BHIM: Comparision of instant money transfer apps

User Interface

BHIM is one of the simplest payment apps in India. The app is small and its features are intuitive.

PayTM application has plenty of features. People that want to use the application for payments may find the features annoying.

Because of the limited features, BHIM app is more user-friendly than PayTM.


PayTM is a wallet app which you can use to send or receive money online. You can add cash to your wallet and use it to make payments to online or offline business.

BHIM app enables you to transfer or receive money in real-time. It doesn’t have wallet module.

UPI and Offline payment

BHIM is an app that justifies the UPI payments very well. During account registration, you’re asked to enter a phone number and a bank account which you’ve linked to it.

The bank fetches your a/c details in few seconds and allows you to use it for making payments.

You can use BHIM in offline mode too. It supports the powerful *99# USSD code provided by all major UPI enabled banks. The offline feature of BHIM works like a charm.

PayTM had introduced offline payments feature last month, but the feature requires you to create a PayTM account and confirm your bank a/c. For making payments, you’ll have to open the application.

BHIM users can dial *99# to access the USSD menu. They don’t have to open the app.

Aadhar Card

BHIM app will get a new feature in the coming weeks that will allow business to accept payments from customers offline by scanning their thumbprint. The business will have to buy a special device with biometric sensor and pair it with their phone. The cost of the device has not been revealed yet.

The device and the phone will check whether the customer has linked his Aadhar card number to a bank account or not. Once the app verifies the same, payment will be made.

The BHIM app rival PayTM doesn’t provide this feature.

Transfer limit

PayTM enables you to transfer up to 25000 Rs to a bank account or a person’s wallet in a given calendar month. It may increase the limit up to 50000 Rs.

BHIM allows you to send up to 20000 Rupees in 24 hours. The maximum transaction amount is Rs 10000. The Government hasn’t revealed the maximum amount of money you can transfer in a given month.


PayTM used to charge 1% fee for transferring money from your wallet to bank account. The company dropped the charges in December. BHIM app lets you transfer or receive money free of cost.

Conclusion: BHIM is no doubt a powerful app. Its coolest feature is the offline USSD menu through which a person or business can receive or transfer cash in seconds without an internet connection.

PayTM offers plenty of options and it is the best wallet app in India. Like BHIM, it comes with support for offline payments. Users must open the PayTM app to use it in offline mode.

BHIM users don’t have to run the app. They have to dial *99# code. This feature makes it a better app than PayTM.


  1. Suneel

    What’s important is there are no fees / charged with BHIM. Walkers are less safe and you are parking your money into a 3rd party (non-bank) to do any transactions.

    Use BHIM App rather wallets.

  2. Inian

    It is always safe to stick with the Gov app. Can always expect some kind of subsidy in the future.

  3. Parag Jawale

    Thanks Pramod for a wonderful comparison. Personally we need to promote BHIM as its an Indian app, why to let our money flow outside.

    • Yes, you’re right! The Government has launched the BHIM app for the benefit of the public.


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