Firewalls can be configured to restrict or block access to certain websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. They are often used in companies, schools, colleges to prevent people or students from accessing the internet.

Sometimes, the government of a particular country or an ISP might impose a ban on the entire domain for some reasons. For example, China has blocked more than 2000 websites (including Google and Facebook).

In such situation, to bypass restrictions imposed on a domain, you’ll need to use special unblocked proxy sites for the school, office or a college which gives you easy access to a blocked portal quickly.

When you use them, network teams that monitor outgoing and incoming traffic won’t be able to track you down as you had requested access to the proxy and not the banned website. Here’s the list of new proxy sites for 2016:

vtunnel - Best New unblocked Proxy sites for School 2014

Best Proxy sites list to unblock YouTube, Facebook, Twitter

VTunnel: Whether you’re at the home, office or the school, VTunnel lets you surf your favorite site anonymously. To safeguard your privacy, you can check the hide referrers or no cookies buttons. For faster loading of a portal, there’s an option to hide scripts as well. One of the best in the business, this website has more than 3000 unblocked proxies listed on it from over 48000 servers.

Anonymouse: This site has been online since the year 1997. Hence, you can consider it to be one of the best proxies on the internet. If you’re in Germany, Anonymouse is just for you as it can be browsed in Deutsch language.

NewIPNow: What’s unique about this site is that it lists the servers at different geographic locations. It also lists the least response time of the proxy server. Thus, you can choose the server located near your place for faster access.

4EverProxy: It allows users to surf the web anonymously, remove media objects and various types of scripts. It can even strip cookies from any blocked website you wish to access.

Proxy Site: This website enables you to surf popular sites such as YoutTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Imgur. It lets you choose a preferred server location and allows you to surf the web anonymously. Visit the site.

Orange Proxy: OP is a great alternative to the above proxy sites. It lets users set a browser and manage cookies. The site has the option to encrypt URLs, remove objects, scripts and more. Its server is located in the United States. Visit OP on your PC.

Unlock My Web: According to the description of this site, you can surf all your favorite sites with the Unlock My web portal. This site is easy to use and works like a charm. Open UMW.

KProxy: KP is one of the most popular proxy sites on our list. It presents 8 server locations and has a great UI. The site lets you bypass filters set up by the college or institution where you’re working. KProxy provides a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets you browse any site anonymously.

Web Surf: If you’re located in India, you should try out this proxy site. It provides similar interface and features like the Orange Proxy. It uses HTTPS protocol. Visit WS here.

Quick Proxy: A superb portal to unblock any website, Quick Proxy is a UK based website that works great for most people. It is hosted on a powerful server. Hence, the site never faces downtime. Open QP.

Note: If you’re not able to access the above websites, please consider installing free VPN extension on your favorite browser from the Chrome Webstore or Mozilla Firefox plugin store. If the network administrator has blocked downloading of files, use the above proxy sites to open the plugin stores and download the extension on your PC. After downloading the extension, install it.

Conclusion: Proxy sites are powerful tools to unblock websites blocked for free. They provide a simple interface and have option to remove scripts executed by the browsers. They also strip tracking cookies.


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