LED TVs not only make your living room look spacious, but it also lowers your monthly electricity bills. If you want to replace your old CRT TV with the latest and the best LED TVs under 20000 (up to 15000) in India, then you’re in the right place.

Today, we’ve shared the list of India’s best low budget LED televisions with excellent features. In other words, we have made it easier for you to decide the best television for your budget.

Note: Buying a TV online is safe. You’ll get a warranty from the company and installation will be done by a technician. You might have to contact the company’s customer care team for the same.

Best 32 inch led TV in India under 20000 Rs

Mi 4A

Xiaomi Mi 4A

Mi 4A is the best LED TV under 15000 Rs in India. It is a featured-packed smart TV from Xiaomi that you can buy for within 13000 to 14000 Rs. 4A features a powerful graphics engine that prevents screen tearing issues and reduces noise.

This Xiaomi device has 8GB storage memory, USB port, and 1GB RAM. It provides two DTS sound technology powered 10-watt speakers. It packs a quad-core processor and a powerful Mali graphics processing unit. 4A’s operating system is based on Android. It supports WiFi connectivity.

4a includes an auto volume adjuster function and has a 32 inches panel with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. It has the option to prevent kids from watching certain channels. It consumes 50 Watts of electric current and weighs 3.9 kilograms. Its price is 13999 INR.

Vu 32D6545

VU 32K160MREVD - Best LED TV Under 15000

Priced below 20K, 32D6545 is a 32-inch LED TV that uses AFFS video technology to handle and process media content. It features True Stereo Surround sound system, five-band equalizer and has 60 Hz screen refresh frequency. It requires less than 50 watts of electric current to work.

VU 32D6545 supports connectivity with wired over-the-head or in-ear headphones. It can play media files of various types. 32D6545 supports wide-angle views. It is fitted with twin 8-watt speakers. This TV has a 5 KG weight. Hence, you can install it anywhere in your house. This device from VU has 1 USB and 2 HDMI ports. It has been rewarded A grade for its high-quality panel.

If you want to buy an HD led TV 32 inch, then VU 32D6545 is one of the best available options. Vu 32D6545 costs Rs 15500.

Samsung 32J4003

Samsung 32J4003 - 32 inches LED TV under 20000 Rs

32J4003 is one of the best-selling Samsung LED TV in India. It is a cheap television with great features. 2J4003 provides the clean view feature which reduces noise in pictures and videos. It includes sports mode through which you can enjoy live sports event as if you’re in the stadium. This mode will adjust sound and video quality automatically to offer the best experience to the user.

32J4003 comes with a USB port. It has a LED 32 inches panel with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. It weighs at 6 kilograms and consumes 56 Watts power in standby mode. The TV has an impressive 100 Hz screen refresh rate and Dolby DTS+ sound module to deliver a great audio experience. Samsung 32J4003 offers twin speakers that provide a total sound output of 10 watts. Its price in India is INR 17000.

LG 32LJ525D

LG 32LJ525D - BEST 32 inch LED TV under 20000

LG has been working to make your dream to own high-quality HD TVs come true for many years. 32LJ525D is an HD led TV which you can buy for under 20000 Rs. The screen of this LG device supports wide-angle viewing, and it measures 32 inches. 32LJ525D features a Dolby Decoder for delivering a rich sound experience. Its screen resolution is of HD type.

Like most other TVs, 32LJ525D includes 1 HDMI and USB ports. This device can play 1920 x 1080 pixel videos, and it is not suitable for playing 3D content. It doesn’t include smart connectivity features like WiFi, Ethernet, Miracast, etc. But considering its large screen and small price tag, 32LJ525D is a good value for money device.

The TV has 4.8 kilograms weight. It has an RGB cable connectivity option, an eco motion sensor to save power and Color Master Engine to deliver a great cinematic experience. The price of this television is 19500 INR.

Micromax Canvas S2

Micromax Canvas S2 - best smart tv under 20000 Rs in India

Launched last year in India, Canvas S2 is a low price smart TV under 20000 Rs with good features. It has 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. MMX S2 offers four audio modes and has two 10 W speakers. The total sound output is 20 watts. The device offers WiFi connectivity option.

Canvas S2’s screen offers 250 nits brightness level. It supports wide-angle viewing and has four picture modes – user, vivid, mild and normal. The Micromax 32 inches LED TV supports dynamic sound reduction feature. It has 7.9 kg weight and requires about 55 Watts of power. The Micromax television is priced at INR 17000.

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Kodak 32HDX

Kodak 32HDX - best Smart TV under 20000

Kodak 32HDX is the best smart TV under 20000 Rs. It is one of the few smart televisions from a good brand to cost below 20k. 32HDX packs two HDMI ports and it provides WiFi network connectivity option. It features two USB ports and includes a 32 inches LED screen with 1366 x 768 pixels resolution.

32HDX features an App Store software through which you can find and install various multimedia applications. It generates 20 Watts sound output. It supports MHDL and has a backlight control function.

32HDX TV supports wide-angle viewing. It lets users play movies saved on the pen drives. Its panel has a superb refresh rate of 60 Hz. This Kodak device comes preloaded with a browser app. Apart from the browser, apps that come pre-installed on the storage memory of this TV are Facebook, Netflix, YuppTV, etc. 32HDX is priced at 14000.

BPL 080D51H

BPL BPL080D51H - best LED TV under 20000

BPL is one of the oldest and popular consumer electronics brands in India. It has sold millions of units of CRT televisions since 1990. BPL is turning out to be a successful LED TV manufacturer as well. 080D51H has a good rating on Amazon. This television is popular because it provides magnificent features for a great price.

080D51H ships with two 8-watt speakers and a 32 inches screen that has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The clarity of pictures and videos won’t be affected by bad lighting at your place because this device has an A+ panel.

080D51H supports offers USB and HDMI ports. It has 3D comb filter and excellent sound clarity. It offers multiple video playback and sound modes. This BPL device can play MP4 full HD files. It has weight around 4400 grams. The picture quality provided by the BPL television is good, and its refresh rate is 50/60 Hz.

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Micromax 32T8280HD

Micromax 32T8280HD

If your budget is under 18000 INR, you can enjoy movies or cable TV at HD resolution if you own the Micromax 32T8280HD LED TV. This device has 4.3 Kg weight and its resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels.

32T8280HD houses the same technology that Micromax uses in its high-end LED TVs. It has an IPS panel with a 60 Hz refresh rate. It provides a Surround Sound system.

MMX 32T8280HD has an excellent design, and it includes 2 HDMI and USB ports. Thus, you can easily connect modern high-definition DTH set-top boxes or USB drives to it.

This TV can play high-resolution videos encoded in MKV, AVI, VOB formats. Due to its excellent customer reviews, cheap price tag, and good ratings, I’ve added 32T8280HD to this list. The Micromax device carries a price tag of 19500 Rupees.

Panasonic 32E460D

Panasonic TH-32E460D

A 32-inch IPS Super Bright panel equipped LED TV, TH-32E460D provides a BMR module which increases the quality of the picture in focus by turning off some parts of backlit. Its screen refreshes at a 200 Hz frequency.

TH-32D400D offers four picture modes, Dolby digital sound system, and 2 x 10 watts speakers. It is powered by Panasonic’s Dot Noise Reduction and Hexa Chroma Drive technology that improves video and picture quality significantly.

TH-32E460D’s weight is 4.5 kilograms. Its menu bar and settings interface supports the English language. The TV consumes 58 Watts electric current when you turn it on. On standby mode, the power consumption drops to 0.5 Watts. TH-32E460D costs Rs 24999.

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  1. kaberi

    I want to buy true smart tv under 20000 to 30000 with maximum smart features. Which television will be better amongst competitive brands Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Sansui. Obviously, my core focus is on the true best picture and sound quality with no compromise on these 2 features, I want a TV with best features available under my budget. Please suggest.

  2. Ishworchandra

    I went to store and check all the TV in the list among them Panasonic 32d400d are the best in all feature so I purchase that.

  3. Yuvraj Darawade

    hi sir i wanna purchase under 20K TV which brand would u like to suggest me.
    VU, Philips,Samsung, micromax or panasonic
    waiting u r reply

    Yuvraj D.


    hello, Which TV has the best picture quality on this list?
    should I go for VU?

    • VU is a good brand. Its 32 inch TV I’ve mentioned in the article is the best LED UV TV you can get for under Rs 15000. As the resolution is HD, you won’t be able to distinguish the picture quality even if you manage to check demos of all the TVs.

  5. Santosh Kumar


    Will you provide me your expert advice over “Vu 32S7545 Smart TV”.


    • Users who have bought this TV are not happy with its smart features. I would suggest you to buy a LG, Samsung or Sony LED smart TV instead of 32S7545.

  6. srinoyi

    Thanks a lot…I loved Philips and the samsung TVs. I would purchase between them. Decent price.


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