FTP is a network protocol that allows users to modify, remove, upload files to a remote computer or a server through the command prompt or system shell.

FTP clients for MAC, Windows 8.1, 7 or Unix are applications that render user actions to an FTP command. They are designed for people of both IT and non-IT backgrounds.

Top 3 best FTP client for Windows and Mac computer


If you don’t want to use an FTP software then FireFTP is for you. FireFTP is a Mozilla Firefox plugin that can handle FTP operations right through your web-browser. Its installation is easy.

To use this client, you’ll need to start its interface from tools –> web-developer menu option. Although it doesn’t have as many features as FileZilla, FireFTP’s ease of use will impress you. It shows FTP operation logs, queued files, etc.

To establish a remote connection through this extension, you’ll have to create a server account. FireFTP also allows you to abort a current session or connection. Due to its good features, this utility can be considered as one of the best free FTP clients. This extension can be used on Windows, MAC or Unix OS.

3Cyberduck FTP software

It is an application that supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV protocols. It can be easily connected to Google cloud storage or Amazon S3 cloud platforms.

Cyberduck supports remote file transfers or modifications over a secure HTTPS connection. It allows you to edit all types of text files stored on remote server. It also supports editing of binary executable files.

Cyberduck has an inbuilt bookmarking tool. It allows you to export or import bookmarks. It supports SSH protocol and several languages along apart from English. Cyber-Duck is a free FTP software for MAC as well as Windows OS.

2FileZilla FTP client

This software handles all FTP tasks very efficiently. With FileZilla, you can set up a connection between your PC and server within few seconds. When you run it, Filezilla will display text fields for entering the host, username, port, and password. It also displays a connect button.

When you click on this button (after entering the server details), Filezilla will display your website’s directory content in one of its internal windows. This free FTP software for Windows will also show important file attributes like owner/group, file size, type, last modified date, etc. Uploading, deleting, renaming files to the server is an easy task in Filezilla.

This software has 3 separate tabs to make users aware of all successful, queued and failed file transfers. It has a menu option to add a bookmark, cancel current transfer operation, setting speed limits, etc.

FileZilla free MAC and Windows FTP software also maintains a log file where your FTP activities will be tracked. Along with Apple MAC OS, Filezilla can be downloaded and installed on Unix and Windows 7 or 8.1 operating systems too.

I hope that you’ve found our list of best FTP software for MAC and Windows operating system useful. Use the above apps because they are free, fast, reliable and secure.



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